The Girl with the Diamond Earrings

The ladies hit the slopes in Aspen where Dorit proves to be shaky on her skis. Sutton goes snowmobiling but is really revved up about Diana. Garcelle broaches a very touchy subject with Erika at dinner. Back at the house, Rinna wants everyone to chill out but things get heated when Kyle and Crystal confront Erika about her perceived lack of empathy.

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  1. Kyle u just need to back off of ur sister just cause ur materialistic doesn't mean she has to be shame on u Kyle since u want to throw ur wealth around try helping some of the homeless people in ur area SMH

  2. Did Bravo purposely put extra camera time on Mauricio and Dorit interacting because of these recent rumors? That's not cool. Anyway, Erika has a point. I love Garcelle but even on The Real she would report things without any facts. More so on feelings. They need to start looking into facts and asking instead of looking at the media news and assuming. And Sutton, she's just happy it wasn't her this time lol

  3. 97% of these women treat each other terribly, and only care about themselves. It's really sad, but yet I must watch the train wreck. Lol

  4. I haven't been a fan of Erika the past few seasons but she has become ICONIC in one episode. "WHAT ABOUT THE FAXXX YA DUMB BIOATCHESSS!" I want that on a tshirt and shipped to me stat!!!


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