The First Guy To Ever Order Drive-Thru

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  1. Now I know for sure. Ryan worked in Customer Service for way too long because only someone who worked in CS could demonstrate perfectly and without flaws how ANY service industry works in less than 5 minutes.

  2. I want to be part of this.

    Can I be the guy who taps the shoulder of the person who is making change for the driver, so the change person turns around JUST BEFORE handing over the change, to talk with me for three minutes while waving the change in the air like a symphony conductor?

  3. Actually in olden times before the age of the drive through soup was often dehydrated and made portable for storing through the winter and for traveling. Great work keeping it historically accurate by specifying.

  4. "That's not good for the planet."

    No matter what we do to the planet, no matter how much fossil fuels we burn. Yellowstone will still erupt and do way more damage than we could possible hope to do. Seems like wasted effort.

  5. Drive through's first started in America where troops wanted to get food from a restaurant, but weren't given the OK to go into any building, so the owner had to take the money and give the food through a make shift window.

  6. I don't get why they're so concerned about the soup being wet.
    I mean personally I love wet soup, it just has that different kind of flavor only wet soup can provide

  7. First person to die
    Ok, I got that sharp stick in the back of my back backpack going through the back of my back. Can I g… bleh
    What the hell, why is it so hot in here, where did Jim go?

  8. you should do the first guy to every open a library. I think i'd be fun.

    Ryan 1: Hi there hello I'd like a book please

    Ryan 2: Ok here you go

    Ryan 1: Ok how much do I owe you

    Ryan 2: Nothing I'm lending it to you

    Ryan 1: Oh nice a free book

    Ryan 2: Well it's not free, you have to give it back

    Ryan 1: And what it I don't?

    Ryan 2: Well then you owe me money

    Ryan 1: How much money?

    Ryan 2: 25 cents until you give it back

    Ryan 1: And what if I never give it back?

    Ryan 2: Then you keep paying 25 cents each week

    Ryan 1: Well how would you know that /I/ have the book?

    Ryan 2: Well you're saying you want the book now . . .

    Ryan 1: But what if more people come to get books for free but not really? How would you do it then?

    Ryan 2: I guess . . . I could give you a plastic card

    Ryan 1: A plastic card?

    Ryan 2: Yeah, and you get your name on it, and I mean /everyone/ will get these things, and so when you get your book . . .

    Ryan 1: Your free book but not really

    Ryan 2: Yes, that, let it go please

    Ryan 1: Ok

    Ryan 2: But so you put the card in this credit card reader, and then I know you have the book

    Ryan 1: Oh, a credit card? Does this thing have money?

    Ryan 2: Well, no, it's just for books. At this place. Only

    Ryan 1: Well then why would I want it

    Ryan 2: Because you can't get books here without one

    Ryan 1: The free books but not really?


    Ryan 1: Ok suppose I do this, and I get the book with the card thing, and you know I have it

    Ryan 2: mm hm

    Ryan 1: How do you know I don't have it anymore

    Ryan 2: I'll scan it again

    Ryan 1: And then . . ?

    Ryan 2: And then that's it

    Ryan 1: Ok


    Ryan 1: So how do you get money for the books that are free but not really if no one's buying them?

    Ryan 2: The fees you'd pay if you don't give the book back

    Ryan 1: The 25 cents I pay for a couple weeks before I'd just stop forever?

    Ryan 2: Oh, you're right. Maybe I can have donations or something?

    Ryan 1: Or you can just spend the money on buying the book

    Ryan 2: Oh my god

    *da da na na na na!*

  9. Anyone else a little bummed we didn't see the owner busting a hole through a wall, just to see the guy suddenly get impatient and drive away because his food took too long to arrive in his perfectly warm car?

  10. The only instance I can think of for Drive-Thru being acceptable is if you have a pet in the car. Cuz you dont wanna leave your pet in the car to go eat, that would just be super inconsiderate.

  11. Going in is way faster, especially now that Covid has half the nation terrified of eating inside. Truth is; the food you're eating has better odds of being dangerous for you; Aside from it having horrible nutritional value, fast food workers have even less of a give-a-shit ethic than ever. I've seen them wear gloves to the bathroom and back! 🤢

  12. Please do "First Guy to Buy a Gift Card."

    "How can I help you, sir?"
    "I'm looking for a gift for my sister."
    "We have lots of nice products for her…"
    "I don't actually know what she would like, so could I just give you some money and you can give me something that says she can spend it here?"
    "Why don't you just give your sister the money?"
    "Because that would be cheap and lazy."

  13. The truth is so much better

    People were shocked when Wendy's opened a drive-thru on the level of Oregonites being told to pump their own gas for like a whole week before they accepted it


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