The financial superbubble that could kill America (is happening NOW)


We’re in an economic superbubble, and it could end the financial stability of the West. Or at least that’s what world-famous crash predictors Jeremy Grantham and Michael Burry believe in any case.

A superbubble has only happened three times in the last century, and it meant catastrophe for world markets on each occasion. The worst of all was the stock market crash of 1929, an event that led to The Great Depression; the worst economic slowdown in the history of the industrialised world. Unfortunately, the one we’re in right now could be worse.

Grantham says our superbubble could be devastating because it involves more asset classes than ever before. And Michael Burry (of The Big Short fame) has been saying for over a year that we’re now on the verge of an econoic collapse, one he believes will hit us this year.

Please let me know your thoughts below.

0:00 – We’re in a superbubble
0:47 – Predicting a financial collapse
2:26 – Why do they believe a crash is coming?
4:30 – What this crash could look like
6:47 – Steps to prepare for a crash
7:59 – Some final thoughts

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Presented by Sorelle Amore.
Written by Leon Hill.

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Comment (2,373)

  1. Not only a stress test on people income ,but a stress test of democracy it self ,were many democracies will fail. This will lead to tyranny fighting tyranny and the mad future of WW3.

  2. If you are an investor….and a big crash happens and there is blood on the streets…'s an amazingly positive time to BUY BUY BUY….I believe we are in for some tough times for the next year…..BUT THE BULLS WILL RETURN IN 2024. THE FED WILL PIVOT AND START PRINTING IN 2024

  3. Lets not forget we will have no food water gas or electricity on top of this. And earth is resetting which is why govts resetting. Its not cuz humans are destroying earth like we are told 10ooo x a day

  4. The problem is: there is no enough oil in the rest of the market for countries that don't produce it. Who has oil, want to save it for their own use for next 30-50 years, the rest will have to figure out something else…You can check the oil market which went down 2019 already…

  5. Hi, Sorelle, thank you for your lovely presentation. Very happy here with uranium mine stocks.
    Really, deeply undervalued, very unloved and therefore incredible upside !
    Take some as well,
    Buy buy !

  6. Remember only one form of money cannot be easily reprinted or quickly created and that is physical gold (and silver). Don’t buy paper gold either- real physical gold and silver coins and bars. Enjoy my new book 📕 Out soon…

  7. Still dont get it why every economist in the world avoids the bubble burst which lead to world war or the ones before that. Its like many are only saying "its going to be as big as the last ones ,but we dont know if it will be bigger".

  8. Is there truth to the Vatican transferring all of their funds to the Vatican Bank by September 30th, 2022. I keep hearing that is an indicator of what’s coming.

  9. Great video. Making people aware of a likely possibility is not spreading fear. It is spreading awareness and giving people a chance to take action ahead of time (instead of waiting for the last second to prepare).

  10. Don't worry.
    Communication is nearly instant vs 1930s. Good news will travel and all storms will pass quickly.
    Property values need to decrease so to keep property taxes in check.
    All people benefit from everyone spending money wisely.

  11. You have no idea what is coming or how bad it will be. We are headed for a huge cyclical natural change (which they will try to blame on man made climate change) caused by the ongoing magnetic excursion (space weather). Instead of warning people and preparing they are front running the problem by cutting the food supply and fertilizers and sucking up all the wealth. The next few years are going to be very, very bad. A lot of people will die and the middle class will be wiped out.

  12. Lol. "Diversify" as much as you want. They will seize property through over taxation and monopolies along with another narrative that private property owners (regular folks) are destroying the planet.

  13. After The Rapture Swan Event
    masters of the money universe
    will be gasping for air & wetting their pants !!

    All Repentant ESCAPE in The Rapture !!!!!!

  14. This was so interesting! Totally reinforces my idea to improve my YT channel, at all costs! and don't believe that strangers from the internet are going to help, just because I ask a simple queston… 🤣🤣 but rather ALWAYS find the way myself……Thank you so much for this video, many, many blessings for you😃😊……In fact, I just got one of those silly fake messages that even copy the picture and everything, they deleted it immediately…..I'm telling you!, we're up to the ears in scammers, totally proves your point, EVERYBODY is trying SUPER hard to survive as they can these days 🤣🤣

  15. If the superbubble will implode we should be expecting another world conflict which will most likely start in East Asia, so lots of people are going to perish on every continent, either because of war directly or starvation and civil conflicts which will erupt out of this chaos in many countries across the globe.

  16. We didnt have a pandemic. We were not Locked Down. Government is not overspending…We are under attack. The World Economic Forum is depopulating the planet, and ensuring America is no longer a Global Power. We let them control the narrative, and investigate themselves, and just keep staring at the headlights coming our way.

  17. I've been saying exactly what you said is coming. This money printing is not sustainable. People I know that complain about the inflation, I tell them "Just wait, this is just a drop in the bucket, start stocking up on freeze dried food, fuel, goods, something to trade (precious metals) and get a hold of your cash before banks lock down

  18. I sincerely believe that the mega powers like the USA and China, have learned and will manipulate the markets to prevent a crash? as they have been doing lol

  19. Hi Sorelle, listening to your inspiring financial talk daily is something I definetely need, we become ppl we hang out with. I heard that there are 37 million youtube channels out there, I'm with you because you are my hero❤️🌹🙏

  20. Sorelle i hope you have your gold in a location only you know about.
    “If you don’t physically hold it you don’t own it”
    Be wary of the Vaults.
    Gold is one of those things they tend to outlaw in totalitarian regimes.

  21. The moves you are making in case of a super bubble crash are admirable but futile in the long run. A crash like the one proposed would affect every person living in modern society. If you want to avoid the consequences then move to a place where life is very primitive with almost no modern convenience. Buy Gold Silver Freeze dried food guns and ammunition learn to farm hunt and butcher buy a fishing pole stay away from people and live in a remote area. Stay healthy with regard to dental care and infection stay away from drugs sex and sugar until the crisis is over. You then may survive but at times you may wonder why you should. It will be somewhat like leaving Eden and surviving by the sweat of your brow.

  22. Not to say that these video's are bad. I've enjoyed the ones about the carbon footprint and others, where is explained how we get fucked and mislead. But watching them also creates stress, fear and anxiety. Especially these ones (about the economical situations). That something will happen is for sure (I believe), but what, when and how…? Nobody knows, and we can only guess. With most of the things we aren't in control, but still we are so fixated on it, what at the end doesn't bring us any positivity into our lives. Be aware what you take in (visual, as well the words that are written and spoken). Connect with yourself, and don't let yourself lead to much on what is going on around you. At the end, you can't change the things you can't control.

  23. Hello, curious to what you all think. Sorelle continuously pushes precious metals. I was in that camp for a short time, but now am questioning the wisdom of metals with strong evidence of mkt manipulation. Especially in the silver market. What are the true alternatives if things are about to crater?

  24. "Could"

    Nothing is changing until after 8 November 2022 and that's Election Day. The Democratic Party keeps the house and senate. The Republicans are destroyed. God have mercy on working and traditional people in 2023.

  25. To be fair, Burry selling everything means very little. His portfolio almost completely changes every quarter, so next filing we might see his next batch of short term holdings.
    Also question: If everybody starts acting as if the bubble has already burst, wouldn't that mitigate the effect of the actual burst and just turn into a slow deflation of the bubble instead (sort of speak)?

  26. Why would one can think that printing money freely and irresponsibly, use US dollar as a weapon where everyone has started to forego US dollar plus sky-high debt have no consequences? This bubble busting is in the works for many years already and yet the people here are burying their heads in the sand for ages.

  27. I’m working on going more off grid. I’m increasing the percentage of food I grow and reducing my energy use and switching to other types of energy. Also investing more in precious metals. At least that won’t go to zero.

  28. The fourth bubble is food, and no amount of money they print will make it just materialize out of thin air. There won’t be soup lines because you probably won’t find soup. You will own nothing and be happy.

  29. WE LIVE IN CENTRAL FLORIDA. New homes were selling like crazy here up until the Fed's rate increase. THEN, the bottom dropped out of the house market. We now see cleared lots, with WEEDS covering them, and NO construction activity. House prices are slumping, with 10-20% decreases common, and LONG periods "on the market". SURE sounds like 2008 – DEJA VU !

  30. they are all saying the sky is falling as the market continues higher, like they also say the market can stay irrational longer that you can stay solvent, is this just a bear market rally? I think so, but the thing is eventually predictions come true, like the saying goes again a broken clock is right twice a day

  31. I was all ready to quit my job, go back to school and start my own preschool. No sure if we go into a rescission people could afford preschool. Also wanted to buy another house to rent but what if the values goes down or people can't pay the rent. I live in an up and coming area where the rich are selling in the big city and buying in my town. Should I still buy?

  32. I believe this is already happened but the banks are not telling us anything – We need to be careful also as these kind of things can be a self forfilling prophecy – If everyone starts withdrawls there can be a run on the banks. This is why the internet can be so dangerous with enough people following the same trends it can create a global panic like dominos

  33. You cannot predict when the crash will come because it's not guided by fundamental principles. The people on the top will decide when they find it convenient for the crash to happen. It still need to happen and they know that, just not on the economist's timeline.

  34. Hmmm… who to blame? If you can't see the train coming straight at you, then you are blind to reality. The economy has become a ponzi scheme. Fractional banking has created massive debts. Apple is overvalued. Tesla is ridiculous. The Euro is crashing and in Sweden they won't be growing greenhouse tomatoes because they can't afford their energy bills. The entire economy is contracting, and the idiots on Wall Street and in government are downplaying the crisis. People are burning their energy bills in protests all over Europe. Who's investing in Europe? NO ONE! THAT'S WHO! Europeans themselves are cutting back on everything and this will bring about a recession. If people aren't investing and buying new goods, then recession is the only logical outcome. Blame America! They're are lying to everyone. They just changed the definition of a recession because the are liars. America wants India to go along with a price cap on gas, but India is saying, "Hey, how are we funding Russia when Germany and Europe HAS to buy Russian gas? Also, India just said they would go along with a price cap if they could buy their gas from another market. Where could India buy gas? Oh yeah, Iran and Venezuela. But guess who is in a de facto state of war with Iran and Venezuela and who is responsible for the sanctions on Iran and Venezuela. Guess who is keeping lots of gas out of the markets via sanctions. AMERICA that's who. I love the India's rejection of the west's idea. Because America doesn't care about the Indian people. America doesn't even care about Americans. America cares only one thing….. any ideas..? have nice day,.

  35. Do people not see this global financial bubble including China is all by design..they are imploding the old system to create the new demolition phase on a building site.. Only China is playing both sides . They are with BRICS nations currency based on gold and this other programmable digital currency the globalist will roll out to coincidence with their digital Yuan..

  36. considering the WEF is talking about a global reset and agenda 2030, its almost like they might be counting on this crash, or better yet, fabricating and issuing its permanent demise. your video about black rock buying all the real estate up kinda just brings this theory full circle. black rock is driving up the cost of homes, which is in turn cranking up the housing bubble, and when it all comes crashing down, we'll have no choice but to rent off of the one company that owns all the housing. YOU WILL OWN NOTHING, AND BE HAPPY

  37. This has been inevitable for some time. You cannot print endless money without some comeback, the pumping of stock prices from the business stimulus, the buy up of overpriced homes by large players to squeeze out homeowners. The energy players playing fast and loose with prices. And not even lastly, the manufactured war to feed the military industrial complex and distract from trouble at home, now morphing into an energy crisis for Europe and a humanitarian crisis for a large part of the undeveloped world as well as Nuclear challenges with face offs with the other superpowers, thanks to US dreadful foreign policy. All adds up to trouble and as for the Dollar, living on thin air with all credibility trashed, so who is left to borrow from? While the rest are building their gold…. nuff said!

  38. These are the ones who would be paranoid. The ones who have everything to lose. The have-nots usually capitalize in those situations. Some of us have been preparing and ready to get our sick on lol.

  39. nothing personal, but Burry makes money from cashing in on a down market. take his advice with a grain of salt–he is HOPING the market crashes and therefore will state from time to time that the market will crash. not saying he wasn't right in 2008, but understand if the public follows his advice he becomes wealthy.

  40. I kinda liked your videos at first, but there's only so many times you can make the same videos telling people without money and scared for their financial future, to buy property, precious metals, start a business, look at crypto, work for yourself, educate yourself… Before it sounds utterly implausible. I'm sorry if I'm assuming, and you've clearly worked hard by yourself without help and deserve success, but you don't sound like you've come from hardship.

  41. I reckon the crash is happening and it is a controlled or engineered crash to cool down the planet, covid was step A in that plan, step B will be to cool down consumption on every day items… Force people to start growing food again, we are utterly failing as a species. We are destroying most of our environment and we are just about to wake up to a nightmare scenario, that we are probably too late to stop…

  42. Welp. If anyone needs me, I'll be hanging myself in the garage. Also, I love that the answer for preparedness is "Just have a ton of money and gold diversified across multiple accounts" Great.

  43. Always interesting insights. These seem to resonate with those of others so I’m thinking there is substance here. Perhaps now is not the time to be exposing yourself to higher risk assets. Rather spreading your $$ around amongst less lucrative but more secure assets seems a reasonable and prudent move to make. Precious metals and agricultural land spring to mind. Houses, stocks, bonds and gilts do not.

  44. I'm curious, how can you be called a predictor when you eat at the same table and participate in the same circles as the elite? Basically, you know and your apart of the decision making to destroy the masses No hero/savior or whatever you want to call him here, just a crook playing both sides!

  45. 2022 is also the year climate scientists predicted extreme weather events growing in severity.
    Then there is the ever present threat of an overdue 1 in a thousand year megaquake which will level the entire western seaboard of the United States, including the port of LA, crippling shipping for weeks.
    There are plenty of reasons humanity in general is going to hit a brick wall.
    You and everyone else is going to experience hardship. It won't really matter how much money you have, it's the community of people around you that matters.
    In the depression there was still strong community and a sense of willingness to support each other. That has been replaced by individual obsession with wealth and thinking if you are personally wealthy, then you'll be ok… wrong.
    The best thing you can do right now is find a community where people will help each other and when things go south (which it will), even if you are living in a tent, you will still enjoy life, because life is about people and shared experiences, not the size of your gold holdings.


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