The Disturbing Origin of the Treadmill

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Writing: Steven Rix
Editing: Alex Brown

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Comment (862)

  1. So…
    hell punishment = no rest.
    Penal system = labor wrought from criminal population
    Capitalism = convince citizenry finding fulfilling labor is not only virtuous, but essentially the only means by which survival for self and kin is achievable.


  2. I always thought when walking through the gym that all those exercise machines should be connected to some kind of a generator to produce electricity. The gym owner could use that power to offset the power used to power those machines. Or maybe to power big fans to keep the prisoners/members cool while they worked out.

  3. In the 20 something years my Wife and I have been together my mother in law has bought maybe 10 of these things and each one more expensive than the last. It got used for hanging laundry on and Amazon boxes. Then they try to give it to us, so they can make room for the next one. I lost the first argument of no not a good idea. But after that. My Wife has seen the light. Just go outside. Hell just take your dirty dish to the sink.

  4. They’re making the treadmill sound like a cheesy reinvention but Americans. It’s probably one of the biggest life saving machines out there. Thank god for the person who brought the treadmill back!

  5. Nothing personal thoughty but I had to skip the raid ad, I typically don't skip you're ad's but if I have to hear 1 more raid ad from anyone I may riot 😅

  6. I had once imagined a futuristic society that existed "after the fall of mankind" who lived in a subterrenean hell of sorts ,known as "the core" forced to spend 8-12hrs a day on bikes and treadmills, generating energy for a city akin to Elysium. This grand city, still underground of course because we had ruined the earth and atmosphere above ground for generations to come, had an entire class system that was completely determined by one's genetic code and the more perfect (albeit submissive) your genes, the closer you came to "the divine" which were citizens of Elysium who lived a happy carefree existence (in theory). SIN- Societal Identificaton Number, bared the mark of "the chosen ones" or the those to live their entire life in servitude in "the core." The most coveted position amongst those of "the core" (which were those on the treadmills,) were "birthers" those who were young and virile enough before a life of service on "the wheels of progress" to act as surrogates for the higher classes for a respite in their youth. Then they could return and speak of all the wonders they saw of the heavenly city. Because there is no cheaper energy than "human energy." No wood, no coal, no fossil fuel, no natural gas is as sustainable and economically viable as human energy. Nothing could input so little energy and output so much in such a short time. We could be generating energy at every gym on the planet, on our bikes, on our treatmills, recycling rain water and running solar panels, but instead we "labor to the wind" or….. what was it he said?

  7. This sort of reminds me how the chemical used for a certain brand of weed killer had its origins in Nazi death camps, guess you gotta adapt to the market, being evil doesn’t bring the money in all the time 🤷‍♀️ tho considering the weed killer I’m referring to caused cancer perhaps they didn’t quite escape their evil origins.

    You’d think with the treadmill they’d have at least TRIED naming it something else, but I guess it’s not a big deal when so many people (myself included until this video) are totally unaware of its origin.

  8. Dear God, why is that hair dryer thing universal? I used to work as a lifeguard at the YMCA and had to pass through the men's locker room to get to the indoor pool. One day, I walked in to the sight of a middle-aged man with slightly less body hair than a gorilla standing naked with one foot resting on the bench as he stood there in the middle of the walkway blow drying his balls. After that, I always looked straight ahead whenever I passed through

  9. I had a neighbor who used to tie his dog loosely and then run on the treadmill with nobody watching it I'm pretty sure it had enough slack in at leash it wouldn't get rubbed on if it fell off it or fell to the back

  10. We still do this to a degree in the United States. It's called work release, the cut the grass on highways and pick up trash, also they sometimes grow crops and train animals.

  11. more like he "fell", you don't "rupture your ear drum" from falling, he got ganged up on and beat up, the guards were likely to blame, either for not stepping in, or for actually doing it, and so it was recorded as a fall, in order to avoid any blow back on the prison/warden.

  12. Reminds me of the Black Mirror episode where people have to walk on a treadmill to power their world. All while getting adverts shoved in their faces. And a TV show about people with a talent, showing you can make it out of the treadmill life and into stardom… eventually. But it costs a lot of miles or steps I believe. Been awhile. Wild.

  13. I rather like the idea of installing treadmills in prison for the inmates to use. However, the way the idea was applied was wrong. The treadmill should have been connected to some practical device of production (such as water pumps or grain grinders). Prisoners could be INVITED to use the treadmill as a means of productive rehabilitation, with time being carved off their sentences depending on how productive they were.

  14. Something tells me that there would be a lot less crime of we brought this shit back. We could even use it to power some electricity and become even more green. 😂

  15. I'd spend a couple of months planning my escape… then when the time comes I'd be able to run 200km, jump 8 foot high and kick down a tree in a singe blow… they won't catch me again haha

  16. Hilarious that what used to be considered one of the most cruel forms of punishment, is intentionally sought out by idiots and willingly paid for with hard earned money. They have advanced slightly because now you can at least watch Netflix while doing it, but if you still want that old school torture style, you can pay even more money to have someone yell at you from the TV screen attached to the front.

  17. And I thought the worst thing about treadmills was that they fuck up your stride for competitive running. Guess I was wrong about that.

  18. Great video! Btw, for a better Raid experience, try it on PC! It is AMAZING on PC, been playing actively for about a year! Really love how your rewarded for grinding and working hard in Raid. Give it a try!

  19. I don't understand why RAID keeps sponsoring everyone left and right. Like there is anyone who hasn't heard of them and how shit they are at this point.

  20. Always amazing content 👌 thoughty2 thank you so much for keeping YouTube interesting.i live in uk and watch your channel religiously keep up the good work.


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