The Desert: Where Life Goes To Die – Horrifying Planet – Ep. 9

Animals trek from distant locales just to engage one of the desert’s many tendrils of death. The hot sun? The barren landscape? The lack of water? The choices for death are endless in these hellish wastelands.

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  1. Since the dawn of time animals have flocked to the desert to escape to a land of misery and desolation 00:25 , but… who's ground up bones made the sand that characterizes the landscape? 1:58

    The Onion: "Americas Finest News Source"

  2. Desert: coming to a country near you. Just keep cutting down all the forests, blowing up the mountains for precious metals for cell phones and computers, harvesting natural asbestos, silica, lime rock, granite, steel, aluminum, gold, silver, copper, tin, steel, basically every thing comes from the earth and once humans destroy the soil you get deserts. But the deserts can be scaled back and humans can change things but mostly we are just parasites sucking on Earth's tits.


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