The day the gorillas met David Attenborough – Attenborough at 90 – BBC

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  1. Attenborough 100 – animation meh… Oldies like Attenborough kept this world together and it will be sad to see the world crumble as oldies will pass away

  2. So adorable.It's so amazing when I think how this man, sir David Attenborough helped so many humans to understand the simplest form of life. There is so much to learn and observe. He is the most favorite human for me. Because when my conscience began to start questioning my existence, this man somehow showed up and elucidated different perspectives of different forms of life and made me realize to seek more in the nature. And here i am. Being optimist. expecting better changes.

  3. Sir David Attenborough, a living legend, an icon and an international treasure!!!!
    I would love to meet and spend some time with him, love you Sir David.

  4. Prof. Timothy Fieldingย :ย David Attenborough! All I ever hear is David bloody Attenborough!
    Gerald, the Gorillaย :ย Let's leave Dave out of this


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