The Covenant

Four teenage warlocks are about to face their greatest challenge as their long-missing fifth descendant has returned to wreak havoc upon those whose ancestors betrayed his family three centuries ago. (Original Title – The Covenant) © 2006 Screen Gems, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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           J'accuse! I/We+ the People accuse…Our Affidavit Of Probable Cause…Part 31 – I/We+ the Affiant(s) +
    Estate Claim Letter Notice of Beneficiaries to Pope Francis (Vatican) and Queen Elizabeth 2nd (Crown) by extention and the (U.S. Inc.) = the Trinity of Satan..
    Part 2
           7. The Church has become wealthy and unimaginably powerful and has not only fornicated with the kings of the Earth, but given birth to them, and they have committed many atrocities in the name of God, again, heaping blasphemy upon blasphemy. The Church so adulterated and those Monarchs thus promoted have usurped and misled Mankind into gross suffering, unnecessary peril and divine reckoning.
    8. We+ won't enumerate even a very short list of the past sins of the Roman Church, but We+ assure you that they are all these things are fully known in great detail and will not be forgiven if they are not confessed and repented.
    9. The Kingdom of Lies which has thus been founded amounts to a Principality of the Dead– a realm of incorporated legal fictions and personas– and what are these but more lies..? It is therefore clear that the Church of Rome has colluded in this with the Father of All Lies and has grown rich and powerful because of it.
    10. Even as the Church of Rome's wealth and power has grown and the reach of its administration extended into every aspect of our lives, its spirit and connection to the Lord of Life has declined, until now it stands on Death's Doorway.
    11. This Kingdom of Lies has been administered through a system of interlocking trust directorates all tied directly or indirectly to your office.  Let us examine the actual meaning of "trust" applied by your "trustees" — American Latin: "trucido": to kill cruelly, massacre, slaughter, butcher, slay.
    12. Thus, through their offices, these trustees have slain the innocent by identity theft and fraud and sought to mischaracterize and misrepresent the victims who are actually heirs of the Kingdom as things– legal fictions arbitrarily defined as debtors and as slaves.
    13. The mechanism of this genocide on paper is simple enough. The instigators introduced and used a corrupted form of Latin known as "DOG-LATIN" to name living people in agreements transferring property and other documents written in English, German, and other descriptive languages. The innocent saw what appeared to be their name in the context of the surrounding English text and did not recognize it for what it was: sign language used to mischaracterize them as things– corporations– not people.
    14. Combining two dissimilar languages in one document, one of those languages being corrupt and not identified as a separate language at all, render all contracts, all legal documents that have employed  "DOG-LATIN" as part of an English, German, or other text, invalid, null and void ab initio. No such combined jurisdiction can exist.
    15. Let us provide an example so that everyone can be educated in this matter. In Ancient Latin a name would be written: BRYAN-TRENT-TURNER. In "DOG-LATIN" it would be written: BRYAN TRENT TURNER without hyphens  connecting the words. This construction creates a full stop between each word, so that it is rendered: BRYAN. TRENT. TURNER. this is clearly nonsense and not a name at all, but a disconnected and un-related series of names. It is jibberish.
    16. Thus We+ fulfill the prophecy of Isaiah 27 and 28 and break all contracts with the dead incorporated persons created by this fraudulent conveyance and all the associated infamous practices that have served to defraud and enslave the living people are likewise overthrown.
    17. While pretending to be the Shepherds of God, it is apparent that the Church administrative hierarchy has instead been intent upon the raping and pillaging of God's Lambs and has placed false claims against their bodies and souls.
    18. An examination of the various constitutional documents creating all the secular governments in the world shows that with the exception of the original Constitution for the united States of America which is written entirely in English, every similar agreement is tainted with "DOG-LATIN" and is invalidated by its use. The only country on Earth having a valid agreement with Rome is ours, and every attempt has been made to misrepresent and mischaracterize and usurp this one too.
    19. The motive for all this wrong-doing is rooted in the promotion of an ancient and venal pagan religion based on idolatry and requiring the worship of the graven image known as money. One of your offices, that of Pontiff, is especially charged within this religion to serve as the bridge between the living who have been forced to depend upon this evil system as a means of exchange and trade, and the dead corporations operating as banks and governmental services corporations that feed upon it. In other words, the Office of Pontiff is singularly responsible for banking and what goes on in the world because of it.
    20. The arbitrary nature of the fiat currencies which use engraved images on pieces of paper is now all too clear and so a retreat to gold and silver idols has commenced. It cannot be long before everyone notices that this, too, is arbitrary and fraudulent. Gold and silver don't really represent beans and rice. It is an illusion similar to representative government. Please note, Francis, that gold is not actually transformed by magic into soybeans, self-governance is not the same as governance by proxy, and except in the wishful thinking of the Satanists among us, Communion wine is not the same as blood.
    21. To the extent that We+ must have some means to trade goods and labor the world is again forced to use gold and silver for a time as a form of Lesser Evil, but We+ clearly see that the world banking system is another institutionalized fraud scheme wagered against the overall good of mankind, a system designed to defraud, enslave, and steal from vast numbers of people for the benefit of a tiny elite that has glutted itself on the blood and labor of the innocent, just as in the days of Pharoah.
    22. All home mortgages issued in the United States are based on constructive fraud. The fraud begins when the banks advertise Home Loans. People assume that this is a solicitation for the banks to loan them money to buy homes, but in fact, it is a solicitation to have people loan their homes as collateral for the bank's. The banks misrepresent Security Notes subject to Article 9 of the UCC as Promissory Notes subject to Article 3. They never transfer title to any REMIC organization. They never pay any transfer taxes. They are operating in open fraud to the detriment of over seven million American families each year.
    23. The Roman Pontiff has allowed this legal chicanery, false advertising, and the false claims against the assets of the living people that result. So let's be blunt- the Vatican owns the UCC and is responsible for its misuse. The Curia is responsible for the existence of all these corporations. By Maxim of Law, you (We+ are responsible for what We+ create.) are responsible for what you create, and the Holy See has spawned all this– idolatry, lawlessness, fraud and swindling on a scale not seen since Babylon. It's well and truly beyond the rational time to repent and take meaningful action against the lawyers and the bank, not merely a slap on the hands and not just a hand-washing attempt to avoid culpability. You are under demand to put a stop to it.
    [To Be Continued and ThankQ AVR!]
    From: The Dead Zone
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    Seven Girlfriends …read carefully..
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    The "police" are Freemasons, and take a different Oath to Satan/an evil brotherhood and not the Constitution..
    The police are policy/legal enforcement, not Law enforcement..they have no right or authority to even exist anymore because the England Act Of 1871 has been reversed and dissolved..they aren't a Constitutional organization.. are We+ going to abide by the Constitution or not, talk is cheap, even useless in most long as city, county and state police exist, We+ spit in the face of our Founders..
    The united States of America Marshal Service is the only…the Sheriff Department was supposed to be an extension of the Constitutional Marshal Service. If the Marshal Service and Sheriff Department are corrupted, then We+ place all Law enforcement power into the hands of our good M_ +!!!
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  2. Would be neat if they did a movie about the original covenant and the origin of the families especially during the Witch Trials. Then maybe one just before this showing what happened with the families and little Chase?

  3. This movie was decent. After you fight yourself to turn your head away from the aspect that they tried to jump on Underworld series train and miserably fail at stealing it's hype!!!

  4. I give you rhe definition of bad movie night. But this could have been a true gem if it was adapted better. Also they lost the opportunity of fan girls by the barely visible male actors.

  5. It's a decent movie but felt they could have added more mystery and more with the plot to make it Fire.. * made it way to easy from the get go to know who they were gonna fight, like the bad guy to the group I mean

  6. This is a good movie, but whats sad is there are people like that in the world that they think they deserve what you have and dont care who they hurt to obtain it !! (Lavetta Mitchell)

  7. Idk if its just me or my shitty internet but it kept buffering then saying skipped one or more movies that weren't available. It piss3d me off so I only watched it to halfway

  8. One of my favorite teen movies of the early 2000s. I say this could of been our “twilight” but the male version. I wasn’t a teen when it came out but I was obsessed. I wish there was a series. Also, does anyone else feel they look and act more like college students instead of high school? I felt that would of been a better fit.

  9. At 1:31:23, the writer foreshadowed that the bad guy isn't gone. I believe there were a couple of other plot points that could have been expanded upon. I wonder if a second movie had been planned; but, never made.

  10. I did not realize how stacked this cast was. I was totally love with Steven Strait but I didn't realize Sebastian Stan was in it or the dude from Battleship or Chace Crawford. I also feel super old realizing this is 16 years old 🤣

  11. It's really should have been two more movies of this the way it ended set up for more movies maybe the second movie maybe should had women with the power and third could have maybe been people find out about them bcuz Chase still after him

  12. Good ol nostalgia you comfort me well after not having watched this movie since being a fukn tween they really cud have done soooo much more with this cud have delve into origin of powers founders what happened to good ol Sebastian damn he was/is fukn good looking way a shame… an all star cast
    “You ready to say uncle “ priceless

  13. For Those Of You Who Want A Sequel Or Trilogy Of This Fable Read The 44 Versions Of DEMONOLOGY Before King James Authorized His Version To Be The Translated Version For Christians And Anyone Else They Could Convert By FORCE!


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