The Courage to Live with Crohn’s Disease

This video tells the story of Trinady Kufeldt, and 11-year-old who has had Crohn’s disease for five years. Watch this story unfold as you learn more about Crohn’s disease and the courage it takes to keep moving forward.

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  1. My mom is in the ICU for a hypoxic brain injury due to Crohns. She couldn’t keep in nutrition and become malnourished and dehydrated. Her oxygen levels went down and she went with a low oxygen level before I found her and called the ambulance.
    My mom suffers so much and I’m afraid this will indirectly cause her death.

  2. Iam 28. I've had Crohns since 2012. I was 22 yrs back then. and I have had 3 flareups the last and worst of which was in 2016. I have been taking medicines since then. I am pretty fine hamdulillah but what's unbearable is the depression caused by it. I am from Morocco and I am a teacher in the worst place one could wish to be a teacher. Ppl aren't familiar with the disease. I am under constant stress but I have managed my way out through medicines, periodic medical checkups and analysis. It's tough but it's Allah's test and I accept it hamdulillah

  3. Hope one day soon they will find I cure ,I had to remove my colon because of ulcerative colitis. An now I live with a ostomy bag.feel so sorry for those kids going through all that pain ,😭

  4. I got diagnosed with Crohn’s disease at 21 but always had bowel problems from a young age. I have had the operation to take the bad part out. I have been told by my doctor I will have to have a colostomy bag later on in life. I wouldn’t wish this pain on anybody is horrible it effects your everyday life. I can’t eat certain foods. Bowel movements for me are from 10-30 times a day I have a stool chart I go by. It’s caused me to get fibromyalgia, BAM ( bile acid malabsorption)
    Arthritis in my joints all sorts of problems. I take so many tablets a day have to go for blood tests every month liver and kindness scans every three months too !!! We need to find a cure for it so many people are being miss diagnosed and living in hell because of this

  5. i’m 17 and i was diagnosed with Crohn’s when i was 8. Crohn’s is absolute hell. I’ve been in remission for a few years up until a few months ago. My heart is with every single person who reads this with crohn’s

  6. I’m turning 20 in May and getting tests done right now since they are sure I have this and I’ll be the first to admit that until this point in my life and going through it myself I never knew this was so serious/bad.
    This for sure is no easy thing

  7. I was just recently diagnosed with crohn's disease I've been having these problems since I was 21 years old and they just found the problem I'm 38 it was horrible. I am going to have my second surgery

  8. I have chrons I’m 30 years old I have had 2 surgeries on my small intestines and I’m on remicade which has been a struggle I know the feeling and you are a inspiration to me sweetheart hope they do find a cure I hate chrons

  9. I was diagnosed with crohns disease last week. However I had been experiencing symptoms since August 2018 or perhaps even before that. August to November was the worst time and the doctors miss diagnosed me with food poisoning. I'm 14 now and started a modulen diet. I can't eat food or have juice it's really horrible but hopefully it should put my bowel into remission and help me feel better

  10. I was diagnosed with jejeunal CD when I was 28. I went into septic shock when I was 35. I had surgery and they removed 4ft of ilieum.
    I am 50 now and have been symptom and medication free for 15 years.

  11. Watching this video and reading all the comments made my day. It's feels so nice to know that i'm not in this alone. I was diagnosed with crohns six years ago when I was 23. I hope that one day I can be as strong as Trinady.

  12. I’ve had Crohn’s since I was 15. I am 43 now. I feel your pain baby girl. You’re in my prayers.i have an 8 year old daughter and she has some digestive issues and I am praying to god that she doesn’t have it. You are so brave. People have no clue as to what we go through.

  13. Be strong little angel…. I was a new wife and new mother when my world fell apart I got so sick couldn't be a wife or mom to my baby when he hit 16 lbs I couldn't lift him I was sick all the time nights by the bathroom crying for my mom to help me with my newborn. I walked away from the man of my dreams he didn't know how to Handel my illness the doctors didn't know what was wrong to the point of saying I was having post pardum and seeking attention and they would send me home to continue being sick I went from 311lbs may 3rd 2000. To being 120lbs February 2001 Valentine's day 90% muscle mass gone half my hair was gone I was so sick my fever was hitting 104.7 my baby's pediatrician had me admited called a ambulance for me called my mom she was waiting for me at the hospital. It took two hours and two doctors and a surgeon to start IV drip and IV nutrition my urine was black they had to bag me cause I couldn't pass urine it caused a mass in my back they said from the remicaied they ended up doing emergency surgery on me I was there a month after inconclusive tests biopsy inconclusive. Blood said I'm anemic down to 3.2 they removed 18 inches of dead intestines 5 inches had become gangrene and had made a blockage the surgeon said maybe a month before I would have just had my body give up on me from being sick so long. They said Lupus cancer twice. Almost started chemo but inconclusive tests stopped that and they did that remicaied treatment I remember telling my GI doctor and family doctor when they came to see me I have them a few words told them look at me look how I almost died but you know it's just me attention seeking post pardum issues. So be strong it's not easy it can get better life isn't all unicorns and cake I have had it get me twice now almost ten years to the day of my first resection I had number 2. It hurts so much and yes over time you mask your pain but never forget to tell the doctors of it you will become a great woman I can see that

  14. My partner had crohn disease for a while now, but I dont know what I can do for her. There is literally nothing I can do… except be with her, but that's it…

  15. I live in Russia and i was diagnosed having ulcerative colitis in 2015. I spent 3 times in gastrointestinal department in hospital and I still struggle with pain and inflammation from time to time. I cannot gain weight much. I want to move to America maybe they can cure me there.

  16. I felt in itch in my large intestine and got tested in a lab and they told me that I have ulcers in my food pipe. I visited our family doctor who gave me some medicines that had no effect on my condition. My friend took me to Planet Ayurveda and we received Ulcerative Colitis Care and got well in 6 to 7 months.

  17. This video is very relatable to me. I was diagnosed about a year ago with crohns I was 15 and I’m a guy. The reason the noticed is cause of me actually losing 2 pounds and not growing in one year. I am on humira and I’m on the SCD diet and currently helping. But as they mentioned pizza parties and sleepovers etc give me a lot of anxiety due to a flare up that can come.

  18. My 7 year old nephew was just diagnosed. He is currently on a heavy steroid treatment and begins infusion therapy in 2 weeks. He has also been missing a day or two a week of school due to pain. For those of you who believe in prayer, please consider sending some his way. It would be greatly appreciated.

  19. It breaks my heart to see all the young kids suffering with this horrible disease. I was diagnosed in my early 30's and it changed my life and my family's life forever. I have had 3 small bile resections where they removed 3 inches of large intestine and countless inches of small intestine,part of my colon removed, the muscle in my anus removed, both ovaries removed, gallbladder and appendix removed, 2 surgery's to remove adhesions, 2 mediports, 2 surgery's to remove a hernia and have been hospitalized way over 20 times due to flare ups. I know the stress of dealing with this disease and no one should have to live with this especially a young child! There is so much more to this disease then what most people think!

  20. I have Crohn’s disease. There is a cure— CBD. I ingest CBD oil (you don’t get high) and have a cleaner diet. Know what food triggers flare-ups in your body. It’s different for everybody.. And THC helps instantly with painful flare-ups. Fortunately all my symptoms were gone. I was able to get off all the antibiotics & painkillers the doctors recommend for 7 years now. CBD>

  21. I’m really upset to see people saying that Crohn’s is cause by diet and can be taken away by a healthier diet, I have Crohn’s disease and I’m only 12, I got diagnosed when I was 11, multiple meds and prednisone, remikade failed and I’m now on stellara, I have to get a surgery really soon and I’m nervous, people need to realize that Crohn’s is awful, I can’t eat any foods that I could eat before, things don’t get better and I am always in pain, please do research before commenting.

  22. This video brought me to tears, because my daughter is suffering from Crohn’s as well😕😭😭 very hard to see your own children suffer and to think there’s no cure😭😭😭😭😱😱🙈🙈🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  23. i was diagnosed when i was 4, living with Crohn’s is absolute hell, i’m 15 now and still struggle with Crohn’s being in and out of the hospital. I miss a lot of school due to Crohn’s and can’t do a lot of the things i enjoy doing, i hope anybody with Crohn’s reading this is doing as well as they can be.

  24. I wa misdiagnosed as IBS for almost 2 years, just recently found out it was Crohns, can I ask for some advice on how to deal or when to even go into the hospital?!

    I'm a 25 year old mother to a 4 year old and I feel so bad to not be able to do half the stuff she wants to do or to just not be present when she needs me!

  25. I'm having a blood test to see if I have IBD. My doctor seems slightly worried but I believe that everything's going to be fine.
    I will come back here when I get my results and update you.

  26. Nice but as with most American medical oriented videos, GENDER BAISED} Sorry, but I am a 17 year old MALE adolescent who has had this since I was ten. It is bad that BOTH GENDERS gave this disease, I know, it0s NO fun} PLEASE show gender neutrality and fairness in your videos} Thanks

  27. I am 37 years old and have Crohn's Disease,Lyme Disease, Autistim. Fortunately I did not have to go through remicade or anything like that or humira fortunately the over-the-counter medications helped a lot.
    Best Wishes!!!!
    Hope you get better!!!!

  28. I was 28 years old when they found out I had Crohn's, they thought it was my appendix going bad needless to say my life changed big time. I worked at General Motors in Moraine Ohio they give me such a hard time with it I went on sick leave off and on for years, thank God I had the union to save my job so sad we go through stuff like that, I'm now 51 doing a little bit better still have a lot of flare-ups I'm on humira now been on and off different medications for years did the remicade that seemed to help my thought years ago but I was wrong, I've had three bowel resections multiple surgeries on abscesses and fishula so what I can say for you just hang in there young lady do your best to stay healthy don't do like this old guy here does shut people out that's not good depression to me worsens at the Crohn's I'm finding out the hard way but I'm getting over it just hang in there and God bless you

  29. can anyone please reply back to this comment with feedback, ive had reoccurring upper right quadrant (liver area) pain after i eat and after bowel movements it feels like my liver contracts and then immediate pain that surges through my back and i get really hot even sweaty at times. the pain is so bad only morphine or dilaudid can help. ive been dealing with this for 4 years… i go to the ER anywhere from once a month, twice a month, or once every other month.. i never had elevated liver or pancreas enzymes, i have had my gal bladder removed and i do have cystic fibrosis. If you have similar symptons please share with me… i want my life back 😭 thank you

  30. I've been living with it for 27 years. I've filed for the compassionate right to die act. I really hope they approve it. I'm too scared to off myself. But I can't live my life in the bathroom anymore. I just can't.

  31. The cure for is a 50% whole food diet and 50% elemental diet (Modulen Nutritional Formula is the best).
    Stay away from food additives, artificial sweeteners and sugar (candy, cake, donuts, etc.) You'll see how better your life will be!!!

  32. Very sorry to hear so many young people going through Crohns , it was discovered with me when they thought they were going in to take out my appendix but not so lucky it was Crohns and few had ever heard of it then , this was in 1981 so I am 62 now and made it this far , lots of drugs always coming to help sad when so many people have it or Colitis now .

  33. I have chrons and it was really scary before I got diagnosed since I had no idea what was happening and I felt so sick and would go days without eating

  34. Please can someone reply to me it will be very helpful, how crohn disease can be diagnose , if colonoscopy is absolutely normal and even if they did took illeum biopsy through colonoscopy which is normal means no crohn disease?

  35. I am 35 year and have Ulcerative Colitis. It is life changing and extremely hard on the body and mind. This is one STRONG girl! I couldn 't imagine getting it at her age

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