The Catch

June 2010

Just as the international community is set to discuss the future of whaling, this report opens the lid on explosive insider accounts of corruption aboard Japan’s flagship ‘research’ vessel.

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  1. Hear me, Japan. Start establishing whaling farms. Or there will be no whale meat left for you to eat. What then? I see so many Japanese speaking English in this documentary. That was unexpected, but at least someone can read what I write here and undertand it. Jailing those activists is like sweeping your problems underneath a rug.

  2. I heard this great quote the other day: "Money and conscience do not mix".

    So long as there's money to be made (whale meat),
    so long as we treat the other creatures on the planet as "cockcroaches",
    so long as we humans think we deserve the earth & all its riches,
    nothing will change.

  3. @miiiikku That's a bunch of horse shit. Whales are nowhere near as intelligent as humans. Are they more intelligent than most other animals, certainly, but to think they are as intelligent or more intelligent than humans is stupid.

  4. In my opinion, green peace is an organization that is full of shit, but on the other hand, there is no possible reason why you need to kill whales for research. That's like saying you need to be a serial killer to be a sociologist. There is no useful science that can be done killing whales that cannot be done by leaving them alive. Journeymanpictures is very objective and it's clear that this "scientific" whaling is just a front for commercial whaling.

  5. And for these greedy criminals to kill publicly-owned whales to sell for profit and then claim any objection to their savagery is "racism" is a page right out of the neocon propaganda/public relations hand book. This isn't about race, this is about killing animals for "science" which has nothing to do with science, and then selling the meat, then avoiding moral responsibility by saying it's "tradition". It's nothing but pure greed.

  6. Where is the uproar over China and Russia commercially fishing krill?! Krill are the food source for whales. Do you want to save whales or not? If you do, stop attacking only the convenient targets.

  7. @spitoncat True these Guys are stealing from their Job.
    so its Not against the whaling. im Not against whaling but at least its Japanese people who are "blowing the whistle" so they can't claim racism.
    Bought a house from whale meat? thats alot of ¥EN

  8. Lol, i used to think Japan had a good government. I feel so sorry for those ppl cause their law enforcement is so fail. At least here in the United States, you don't get arrested for exposing a crime.

  9. imoney is good, there is no system, so i hate all these people who are against whaling. i think whaling is bad, but i am not against it because i think it's wrong to make money, wiping out a whale population is bad

  10. i have a problem with companies that get materials from the environment that they essentially don't have to pay anything for. For example, people who cut down the forest for wood. They didnt have to invest their time or energy to grow the trees they cut down and most dont replace them. They get their supplies for free which means a net gain for them. Something just doesnt seem right with that……

  11. if whales have a high chance of becoming of extinct like the dinosaur,
    than i am oppose to it.
    If not let japan fish whale near their waters,
    hence extinction should not be a issue cause whales live in other environment.

  12. Irregardless of the nature that the whale meat was being divided out, stolen, etc. the 2 acted illegally and would be tried here in the U.S.A. as well.
    And what is the difference between the Japanese eating whales culturally and the Native Americans in N.W. Washington State(besides the scale)?
    So many people appear to be looking past the criminal nature of what those 2 civilians did on their own accord. (and yes there seems to be a corruption issue 😉 )

  13. @whit3c00ki3 Why can't we mine minerals? I like my aluminium computer . . .

    And I like my electricity . . .

    And my paper . . .

    And I'm happy I'm not dying of small pox . . .

  14. @MarsMoonEuropa I didn't say that companies couldn't mine anything but they need to put some effort and money into reestablishing the area in which they took the items from. Like when they mine metals, they end up digging enormous craters and end up being unsuitable for life. They need to repair the damage they've done instead of taking and leaving.

  15. @whit3c00ki3 Ok – that makes more sense! Sorry – thought you mean it was immoral to mine or take anything.

    Fortunately, at least in Australia, I can say that we do rejuvenate the land. When the big open cut mines are exhausted, they plant trees, treat the soil, ect. It's never the same but it's safe and healthy ecosystems are restored.

    I imagine in other parts of the world it's not so good. But is does the Australian example put your mind at peace? 🙂

  16. Fishing isn't a crime but over fishing a species to an extent that it’s now an endangered animal yet they continue to do so in the name of science, how ignorant can be!

  17. The sustainability of resources & species from the world we live on is a very simple notion. Humans can no longer harvest wild species because no sustainable programs have been put in place.
    If you want whale meat, then raise whales on a whale farm subject to MAFF, if not? Then buy it from another country who raises whales in a farm environment for that purpose. If you cannot farm them then you will need to leave your traditions in the past, as there is no room for them in the future.

  18. They are true heroes..Japan should be proud of such men. I think it was Japan's spiritual heritage that they are protecting. Japan isn't what it should have been. I think that Meiji when he spoke of the womb was referring to this same nature that exists that was their friend. When they kill like that what they should have befriended and protected. they lose..I hope they will be freed.

  19. In the Scandinavian countries, there are sustainable forests which are replanted over & over.
    I have seen a lot of wood imported from Finnland.

  20. This is an interesting video. In some respects these two brave guys are set free now. They should be rewarded for their bravery, under covering a smuggling campaign. it would show the rest of Japan that while it is OK to take home small part of their Whaling catch, it is not right to steal many boxes of Whale meet because it is threatening to Japan society as a whole. Not to mention the Whaling industry. These animals will become extinct if this stealing of whale meat is permitted to carry on.

  21. What government isn't corrupt? President Obama of the U.S. publicly had an illegal alien at his inception to office yet was not arrested for harboring a fugitive. If I were to push the issue do you think it would be any different here?


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