The Car Factory of the Future: Factory 56

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  1. Mercedes Benz, is Factory 56 near your headquarters? Wish that this factory can manufacture Smart, MB Trucks, MB Buses, and Maybach vehicles in this flexible, smart, and green plant…

  2. With Factory 56, the Future is getting closer ! This is more than success :
    this is Real Success !
    Let it be so !
    I'm delighted with this video and these advanced technologies !
    Perfect and helpful video but 5:43 minutes only …
    Vl'ado. Nov 15,2018
    and forever.

  3. My suggestion: operation standard… Every operation are standard and time management system…It's give a great quality and performanced work at every single stange and also achieved a target of every single week… Check stage availability of fasteners and tools… and the tools regularly pre check and post checked by the worker and the engineering team… Last and most important point is the all company and common data are encrypted for a safety and design secrecy…..

  4. if we say Mercedes-benz is the first tech business in the world
    it is 💯 true

    this was before apple ,visa ,google ,oracle ,Cisco Xerox

    I am very concerned why Mercedes-benz does not get much credit for their technology
    people need to mature to understand the technique of no technique

    they know and do it right ,precise & simple .

    toyota ,honda ,kia owe mercedes-benz for copying merc legacy & incorporating them to knickknack gimmicky instagram automobiles

    mercedes-benz deserves no #1 in every automobile sector in 10 years


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