The Call (2013)

In this heart-pounding, edge-of-your-seat thriller, veteran 911 operator Jordan (Halle Berry) takes a life-altering call from a teenage girl (Abigail Breslin) who has been kidnapped and thrown into the trunk of a madman’s car. But with the clock ticking, Jordon soon realizes she must confront a killer from her past in order to save the girl’s life and put an end to a serial killer’s haunting rampage. 2013 Emergency Films, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

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  1. This movie is so unrealistic. Ok now, this girl was abducted! Why is it that there is only one aircraft looking for this girl, not to mention only one patrol car and two cops covering this huge area in LA… Come on now! What about when they locate the red car and only a few cops show up. If I would have paid to see this movie at the theater, I would have been so disappointed. Low budget!

  2. One the worst movies I’ve seen. Had to stop at the start. Lady calls in and she’s on the phone ok and gets some good advice but some how some way lost connection on a house phone ok lost me there. But the part that I hated the most was the fact that this dude was caught before he was fully into the house the guy had so much time he should of made food and then did the crime how the fuck didn’t the cops make it to her house. Like not even 1 on top of that this bitch calls her back when you know the dudes in the house. Not to mention they had 1 fucken phone that was magical and came with a base that also didn’t ring. On top of that she didn’t have a cellphone to use? I seen in the mall part Guild of wars 2 which is the same year that smart phones were dropping. So I know she would of had a flip and she was wearing night clothing so most definitely had that shit on the charger in her room but she ran down stairs to get the house phone. I’m sorry I do look at the details and this has so many of them that they ignored.

  3. It was worth the $3.99. There's a free version on YouTube if you like backwards movies with choppy editing back n forth plus abstract soundtrack. 😠 Just pay at the door. It's a good movie.

  4. I’m 52 minutes in and I’m seriously shaking omg

    Edit: ok so I finished it and..


    It’s already done.

    Omg i- I’m shaking still but WOW that was so omg I’m so traumatized and I’m speechless woah

  5. I got the opportunity to sit in at a dispatch center like the one in the opening scenes. It was pretty cool. There was like 5 or 6 people at their desks with like 6 computers in front of them. The dispatcher I was watching had a pedal that he would use when working police radio. Whenever we were taking 911 calls I got to listen in. Whenever a call got upgraded to high priority that same red light would flash and there would be an auditory "siren" briefly.

  6. Leave it to the reprobate minds of Hollywood to dream up the dumbest shit you can imagine. Case in point: During the 1st 911 call with the young girl calling about an intruder. When she first called 911, the intruder hadn't broken in YET. ( I need to stop for a moment to say if that girl & her family had kept firearms in the house and every family member knew how to use a firearm, this burglar/murderer would've been shot dead the moment he broke that window & entered the home…….but I digress. ) Back to the story: So the killer breaks in a window to enter……what do ya do? Run hide in a room UPSTAIRS? HELL NO. NOW YOU ARE TRAPPED & AT HIS MERCY. The girl SHOULD HAVE QUIETLY ran out a door at THE OPPOSITE END of where he was breaking in. Then she could've ran to safety. For crying out loud, a neighbor was watching WHO OWNED A SHOTGUN. You can bet he would've quickly taken the girl into his home safely. That's what I would've done if I were in her situation…….but that's just me. That dumb ass dispatcher got that girl killed telling her to "go lock yourself in a room" and then "called the girl back". BULLSHIT.

  7. Filthy, stupid, ass backwards, liberal/socialist controlled urban cities have by far the highest violent crime rates & burglaries because of their jack ass "gun control" laws. Cops do not and CANNOT "protect you"…… most cases involving violent attacks, the crime has already been done by the time the cops arrive, and sometimes before the cops are even called. Your #1 best defense ( whether at home or out & about ) is DEFENDING YOURSELF WITH A FIREARM IN THE FIRST PLACE. Remember: the authorities don't "prevent violent crimes"……..they can only try to solve them AFTER the crime has been committed. Packing a pistol while out & about and having a shotgun for inside your home is best. The 2nd best protection for you inside your home is having a dog THAT BARKS. You may find the barking "annoying" at times, but it's already been proven in most cases, the sound of a noisy dog barking causes would-be intruders to leave the property immediately. The criminal simply can't handle that kind of noise drawing attention from neighbors and/or anyone inside the home who may be asleep. Now ya didn't have to use your firearm because the dog scared the intruder away. Barking dog and a firearm = THE SAFEST HOME IN THE COMMUNITY.

  8. So what the F*CK happened with waving her arm out of the tail light hole. "Just start pouring paint out of the hole instead". She should be instructed to continue waving her arm out of that hole NON-STOP. People are going to know something is wrong with a girl's arm waving out of the tail light hole of a car trunk, and NOT some damned "paint pouring out". This movie just keeps getting dumber by the minute.

  9. I wrote my own version of this where Iron Man shows up and beats the living hell out of Michael Foster using his Iron Man suit. Let’s just say Michael Foster doesn’t last long in the fight with Stark!

  10. this was the first thriller i watched, i was about ten? didnt sleep peacefully for at least a week. lucky for me my dad was staying in town sleeping on the couch so i slept in the living room with him til my fear went away :/


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