The blossom worth billions for Japan – BBC News

Cherry blossom represents the nature of life and a season of renewal in Japanese culture.
Last year, the season attracted nearly five million people and boosted the economy by about $2.7 billion, according to figures from Bloomberg.
Each spring, “Hanami”, or “flower viewing”, events and festivals are held, with many people picnicing under the trees to enjoy the flowers’ transient beauty.

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  1. This reminds me of the annual pilgrimage to Washington DC for many people just to see the cherry blossoms

    I remember when my family did it one year I just could not understand why we would travel so many hundreds of miles just to look at white flowers on trees.

  2. all the budget you guys have and you filmed this with a potato. smh.

    Edit: I figured out whats happening here. Its the YouTube video compression algorithm thats messing with the videos quality. So many tiny flowers moving across the screen apparently takes too much video bit rate (for good quality), so when the algorithm reduces the bit rate, the overall quality goes down.

  3. Japan is a beautiful place but I can’t help thinking it would benefit from more diversity. Imagine how much richer it would be if it had its own Molenbeek for example.

  4. after Hanami,Hanabi !!! (Hanabi in english is Fireworks,usually the Hanabi will occurred when the summer is over and even on new year eves,the Japanese will celebrate it annually,the Summer Festival ! it was they dream and even our dream (the weebs),usually occurred on 31st/30th may)

  5. " The perfect blossom is a rare thing. You could spend your life looking for one, and it would not be a wasted life"..Katsumoto (The Last Samurai)

  6. That's all nice but why can't they spend that MONEY on the clean up of the Pacific ocean and fooked nuclear power plants leaking into the ground water?????

  7. For westerners they might not get it, but for us asians, this is a sentimental, beautiful reminder every spring season. A lot of senior citizens even come up to spots just to see the flowers bloom. The scent gives you so calm energy, a gentle breeze to remind you that the bitter cold is over, we can start over again.

  8. its so beautiful and only lasts for 2 weeks. and yet chinese tourists would pluck the blossom and stick in their hair for photos…. and then vietnamese tourists would copy them… saw them with my own eyes

  9. There’s a cost associated with the blossoms as many people have allergic reactions such as hay fever and are unable to even leave the house during this time.


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