The BEST Serie A Goals Of The Decade! | 2010-2019 | Serie A TIM

All the best Goals from 2010 to 2019 in Serie A | Serie A

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  1. Some quality goals but glaring omissions are the Balotelli 40 yarder, Pirlo's last gasp Turin derby winner, Mertens chip Vs Torino when Joe Hart was in goal and Jeremy Menez's back heel goal.

  2. What happened to the taco goal of a long center, mandzucki goal was looking for that was the best goal, very lucky that I put that goal in and saw it I don't know who that match was with, but I never forgot that goal in 2018 or 2019 at least

  3. Bellissimi ricordi… Soprattutto il pubblico e gli ohhhhh di stupore. Rivogliamo i tifosi, siamo stanchi di questo calcio che sembra l'allenamento di pes4

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