The BEST of Dubai Airshow 2021 – Complete Show Highlight

Full show review of the Dubai Airshow 2021. Join me for all the Dubai Airshow highlights.

Watch a spectacular show opening flypast to celebrate UAE 50th anniversary. Enjoy finest flying display action from Al Fursan flying team, US Air Force F16, Russian Knights, Boeing 777X, Airbus A350, Irkut MC-21, Saudi Hawks, Sarang from Indian Air Force and many more.

During the show, I take a specific and detailed look at some new airplanes which were present at the Dubai Airshow 2021.

– Boeing 777X Experimental
– Uganda Airlines A330-800neo
– Ethiopian Airlines A350-900
– Boeing ecoDemonstrator Alaska Airlines B737 MAX 9
– Irkut MC-21
– Aurus Sukhoi Business Jet
– Gulf Air B787-9
– Etihad A350-1000 and B787-10
– Let 410NG

I also spoke with several indoor exhibitor about their latest show announcement at Lufthansa Technik, Etihad Engineering, IAI. I met up with 2 UAE astronauts Hazza Al Mansouri and Sultan Al Neyadi to speak about their space exploration experience.

Over 120,000 visitors attended Dubai Airshow 2021 which set a new record despite the pandemic challenge. It delivered a strong message that the airshow resembles travel recovery. It is time to meet and travel again.

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  1. Looks like the 777 pilot answered the question, but I was going to say… I don't think those are winglets. They had to do that because the wings were too long for the airport gates. Folding wingtips were the solution.

  2. Wow – Jenna from Uganda Airlines – what a lovely smile she has. 👍👍 I want to Fly on Uganda Airways if all the ladies are as smart, welcoming and attractive as her.

  3. Don't even think about Ethiopian Airline, First they should fix the carelessness of employees at Addis Ababa Airport. Anybody traveling with transit can 100% make sure that he will miss his flight ✈️ at Addis Ababa. 😡😡😡

  4. So, despite the bling no one ordered any Boeing 777Xs, eh? Even Emirates is threatening to shrink its order. The USA, FAA & Boeing must accept that the 737Max massacres destroyed their/Boeing’s reputation, and the ‘new’ sales after 2019’s Boeing-FAA organised massacres are likely the result of some underhanded bribery in some form. How can anyone forget those innocents that the FAA & Boeing slaughtered? The Airbus A320 has been the Toyota Camry of airplanes for years, and has kept its reputation intact.

  5. Sir I am from India.I am studying in 10th Std.I want to become a pilot in Emirates. My aim only this.But I am from middle class.please Help me able to study this course

  6. HI Sam, you are amazing. You have redefined YouTuber by having a booth at the Dubai Airshow. I am visiting next year just to say congratulations on all your success. You are still ultimate passenger. I love your first video from 2007 on aboard a Singapore Airlines A380; you were served a coconut on dry-ice. You have come a long-way, congratulations. See you Dubai next year.

  7. Už chápu proč někdo přemýšlí nad životem V OBLACÍCH tak detailně, protože DOLE NA ZEMI už to bohužel asi přestane být příjemné žít…smutné. Letecké společnosti mějte srdce na pravém místě a finance dejte na výzkum covidu , nejen léků , vývoj kvalitních vakcín apod. ., ale především na tu prevenci ! – bez nutnosti se stále dokola očkovat bez nějakého výrazného efektu. Pomozte lidem, jde o zdraví všech.

  8. What do you think that a few international million in the world live in limitless luxury and the rest of people in miserable conditions …. It is unrealistic that thinks in Dubai: a world in the hands of a select few arrogant people.


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