The Best and Worst U.S. Airlines: WSJ Annual Rankings | The Middle Seat

The Wall Street Journal’s annual ranking of eight major U.S. airlines tracks flight delays, mishandled baggage and formal complaints, so you don’t have to. WSJ’s Scott McCartney hands out the awards. Photo: Drew Evans/The Wall Street Journal.

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  1. frontier got what they deserved. Do you know, frontier never scans your checked bag. the bar code on your bag is only a decoration. it means that, if you can not find your bag on the carousel,you will never know where your bag is.

  2. Love Delta! Though I usually switch around and fly all three major U.S. legacy airlines, my experiences with Delta are far and above the best! This award is well deserved.

  3. Airlines that operate largely or primarily on the West Coast have an inherent advantage due to weather, traffic density, and customer attitudes.

  4. American Airlines is the worst. And just to show what clowns they were- One time they were giving $500 vouchers cuz they were oversold. I just missed out on the 6th one. Then, when I got on the plane- there were 5 empty seats!

  5. Delta is not as good as deemed in this video. They have the lowest number of cancelled flights because they delay their flights 24+ hours. Delta has loop holes

  6. Are we talking about the same Delta here? Cause from both, personal experiences and what I've heard from friends and family, delta sucks. Always delays, or completely canceled flights.

  7. I switched to flying Delta and they've been the worst. Never had a single issue in 4 years with Southwest and with Delta I've had my luggage damaged twice within 6 months (2 different luggage's I might add), stuck on the tarmac for 9 hours and several delayed flights. I'm actually a Gold Medallion member also, so for the amount I spend to fly them I shouldn't have so many issues. They're better than American and United as I didn't like them, but they're far behind Southwest in my opinion. I still fly them, but I promise you I don't like them.

  8. ALL of them. I am really sorry, but U.S. airlines just suck.
    I don't know why, I presume it must have something to do with the USAF.
    Southwest, which was really just a subsidiary of KLM was the one exception.
    Maybe foreign airlines feel a greater need to do a proper job for cultural reasons? Idk. But yeah, U.S. airlines

  9. I can definitely agree with where American got ranked. We had to wait nearly 3 hours on the tarmac before taking off, that caused my study abroad group to miss our connection flight

  10. Wait, why was Sun Country not rated or Allegiant. I have never had issued with American or United. However in my years of traveling, I’ve filled six complaints, three of which were with delta and all three were regarding the customer service in Atlanta. The other one was with an expirence boarding an international flight to Toronto on Air Canada from Newark after coming in from Cincinnati on Untied. They messed so much stuff up and I’ve flown Air Canada a lot and I’ve never had a bad experience except for this one. The other two were with Frontier being racist to another coustomer from Orlando to Charlotte, and the worst thing I’ve ever seen wasn’t in the U.S so I had to go through England because of the ridiculous treatment to me and a few other white guest on a Turkish airlines flight from Heathrow to Istanbul. In my opinion, Atlanta is a great airport with ever airline but Delta because of Deltas notoriously bad customer service there. The best customer service in my opinion is a tie between American at Philadelphia, United at Newark, or Delta at LaGuarida. I know these aren’t nice airports, but excluding Newark, the food is good, but what I like is that I’ve never met a rude airport employee at any of them, minus one Smash Burger employee at Philly terminal B. On that note, when I can, I try to avoid JFK and my favorite NYC airport is La Guardia. My favorite airport in the world is either Heathrow, Charlotte, or DFW.😸😻😸

  11. Measuring delays and such are not really equally weighted across airlines. Delta has its hubs in areas not battered by winter storms while United has its hubs in wintery snowy locations. If you take out weather delays, then yes, you might have a more fair measurement.

  12. I'm a Delta Flight Attendant and more and more I see other airlines passengers flying Delta their 1st time and get very impressed by the product offered for their buck.

  13. If you're flying budget Southwest is the lesser of evils. I you want a better experience with no strong opinion on price Delta is legit the best if them all. Definitely not perfect but every flight I've had with them goes smoothly.

  14. Delta flies direct from Glasgow to New york but I'd rather fly Glasgow to Dubai and then Dubai to New York with Emirates can get treated far more nicer and experience a much better service for half the price.

  15. THEY ALL SUCK! I know because I am a former Flight Attendant… in the 80’s when you flew in First Class , it was FIRST CLASS.. the crew did not say NO but rather let me see what I can do! Today it’s a JOKE! lazy Flight Attendants chat in the galley while boarding , won’t serve PDB and just ignorant all together.. and the airlines don’t give a dam if you complain… just shameful


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