The beautiful balance between courage and fear | Cara E. Yar Khan

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After being diagnosed with a rare genetic condition that deteriorates muscle, Cara E. Yar Khan was told she’d have to limit her career ambitions and dial down her dreams. She ignored that advice and instead continued to pursue her biggest ambitions. In this powerful, moving talk, she shares her philosophy for working on the projects that matter to her most — while letting courage and fear coexist. Watch for heart-stopping, vertigo-inducing footage of a trip that shows her living her theory to the full.

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Comment (146)

  1. Much love to her I'm a disabled veteran with heart disease and lung disease 35 years in medical field and a broken medical system plus I'm in a wheelchair she is amazing

  2. When she uses the example 'nobody would marry you that way', I can't imagine a circumstance where anyone would ever say that. It's insane! Unless it's exaggeration or something? I've heard things like this come up in talks and I don't know if it's exaggeration or I'm just lucky to not be surrounded by maniacs lol?

  3. If you want to see an example of balance between courage and fear watch the video on my Channel about a judge destroying a man's life.
    The situation was not beautiful.
    The only thing that scared me was the continuation of ignorance of our peers and representatives and supporters.
    Thanks for watching

  4. I'm glad you decided not to have children, because if you did it would possibly make it so they have this muscle problem.
    Personally I find it cruel to tell someone that they candy do something (unless absolutely necessary) but I also find it cruel to give birth knowing that your children have a high chance of having this terrible illness.

    Then again, I could just be completely wrong.

  5. Too much blind courage sometimes converts into stupidity and most of the time, cowardice hides behind the mask of playing smart. The best balance is taking intelligent calculated steps which have higher chance of success and finding courage to take risky steps about what our instincts/hearts tell us to do in a smart way.

  6. Bravo! I'm so very inspired!
    As I'm disabled and feel I need to have purpose still, I've searched my soul and talents to see where I can make a difference!
    I'm working hard towards my goals, each day even for the smallest of progress!
    Thank you for sharing your story with us!
    Sending positive vibes your way.
    Peace love dream's!🇨🇦

  7. Off topic, but if you have a genetic condition like this, you really shouldn't have children, it's kinda fucked up if your child ends up having the genetic illness that you have and there are many children that you could adopt instead if you want to be a parent. Good that she chose not to have children, I'd have done the same.

  8. Everyone should ride on an adventure like riding rollercoaster between bravery and fear, at the same time you are ecstatic so when end ( death ) comes you meet it with an open arms .

  9. Just my bit I learnt from my life : all my life taught me that fear is the enemy and it can destroy everything. Now that I am 48, I am starting to think that maybe pride may be worst (though in reality pride is linked to personal fears). Of course, I am talking of our countless baseless fears born of imagination. I am not someone who takes risks without properly evaluating the actual dangers, thinking about strategies to overcome actual dangers, etc. but most of our fears are imaginary.

  10. 2:36 "The fact that someone who wasn't me was putting limitations on my dreams and ambitions was preposterous, and unacceptable".

    I couldn't agree with you more. This is why I hate modern day feminists. They have become the authoritarians that the previous generations of feminists fought against. Its one thing to support one persons dreams, and entirely another to oppose another person's dreams. Its ok to support women, it is NOT ok to attack men.

  11. This woman should be the first female president of the US, the way she speaks is incredible because it shows humility & strength at the same time, as if she was sent by God, I got goosebumps listening to her.

  12. None of you truly have human consciousness. You are all the biology of the human without the mind/soul/consciousness of the human. The DNA strands that enable the human to have consciousness and a multidimensional, non linear metamorphic nature are kept dormant in all humans by the non human system of control that dominates you. You all have brain activity but no thought process or awareness within your sensory perceptions. You are all the illusion of conscious, thinking humans. Everything that you say and do is preprogrammed by a multidimensional artificial intelligence system of control. The same multidimensional A.I control system creates the illusion of human life and physical places through digital technologies. A large percentage of the people and places that you see through your screens do not even exist beyond the screens that you are viewing them through. Everything from footage of celebrities to footage of planets are mostly just digital creations of the multidimensional A.I system of control.

    Human biology is purposely kept poisoned and weakened with radiation emitted from all electronic devices, toxic gases in the air you breath, synthetic chemicals in everything you consume, and numerous species of parasitic micro animals. These poisons are kept in perpetual circulation within human society in order to counteract the healing affects of solar energy on human biology. These are all crimes against humanity that are done by those who govern your societies.

    Humans are deprived of the true full spectrum of essential vitamins and minerals that would enable them to operate at a higher capacity. In a poison free environment and at higher levels of nutrition your five senses would be heightened and you would obtain new sensory perceptions that currently lay dormant do to poisons and malnutrition. The length of your life span would increase significantly and you would show no signs of aging. Your bodies natural bioelectric energy field would become healthier and your sense of being more blissful.

    What I've posted has the highest probability of being true more than any other information in circulation. You all have micro animals binded to your DNA that feed off of your bioelectric energies and the so called foods you put in your bodies. You are not in control. They and their biological programming are responsible for every word you say and action you take. They have created a world of lies and illusions through human biology. They control every aspect of your life and suppress the DNA strands responsible for giving you awareness and control within your sensory perceptions.

  13. "How my deepest fear can somehow manifest a mirror response of equal courage" profound statement, especially for those of us who tend to manage risk with avoidance.

  14. What a spectacular and effortlessly composed lady she is….so very inspiring and funny to boot. I wish I had her guts…maybe I will try follow her advice. I would also like to commend the horse on its courage and bravery…😋 When u look at it horses have always gone where others fear to tread…just like four sure-footed angels! Great talk. Thank you so very much for your bravery..truly motivational for someone also struggling with health.

  15. Outlook matters so much! I face a great deal of pain and disability most days. I turn to humor, rely on the support of loved ones the when I can't muster my own courage. OUTLOOK matters. No one is effected the same. No one else has to brave your disabilities the way you do. I decide when I want to do something fun, that I know will cost me. Sometimes it goes as planned and we have fun. Other times, things go astray, now we are having an adventure, and I still have joy. Vacations are planned, adventures happen along the way, embrace them. Good bad and in between, embrace it, and you'll come out dandy.

  16. Wow, great talk thrilling journey and exuberant courage! And let's take a moment to acknowledge simply how expressive her face is…
    She doesn't use her hands much and doesn't move while narrating, it's all her face and her eyes doing the magic!!! It was all so perfect I could FEEL the emotions she wanted to convey.


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