The all new EQS, EQE and EQS SUV

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  1. Once I fully pay off my A220 Mercedes in 2025, cars like these would probably upgrade even MORE better. Who knows? Lol

    Hopefully I can upgrade and afford one.

  2. Could someone explain to me why prototypes always have these prints? Is it because it's harder to see depth so there is less information about a new model leaking out? I've been curious about this for a while.

  3. Management – We are losing the war to Tesla in EVs
    Marketing – Let put out a video showcasing what we are doing but with Erlkönige vechiles

    Yeah that will work

  4. Why would they film a whole ass reveal trailer and like all these beauty driving shots for a HIDDEN VEHICLE? It's literally in camo for secret test driving do you want us to see this or not… bad marketing lol.

  5. Mercedes cars need to have online software updates of the whole car exactly like Tesla has. Otherwise there will be no future for Mercedes. I have 2015 Mercedes e-class cabriolet, with 360 camera and autopilot, distronic plus. I paid 80 000 EUR for this car. This is a lot of money. The software was never updated by Mercedes after I bought it. It could have been, every year during service maintenance. Very very, very bad. My mercedes could drive almost like Tesla in 2018 (I know about hardware limitations, that is why "almost like Tesla") , but has software from 5/2013. 7 years old autopilot software. No any updates, ever. This must change or my next car is Tesla Model Y from Germany, even if the bumper in this car falls out during driving. I want constant software updates and improvements and not a car never updated anymore, like a washing machine. Also a 2 year warranty = this is a joke. Should be 5 year warranty standard. Daimler should keep a permanent team of autopilot/software programmers, who will update ALL models of cars, which technically can be updated. If it is a problem to organize, hire me. I will make things right.

  6. Any chance we get to see a real EQA? The A-class becoming a SUV is a huge disappointment. I love my W177, but without a real successor I may have to switch to another brand for my next car

  7. In terms of exterior design, Mercedes has the competition in its pocket – my opinion, I have great confidence in the technology, but when it comes to interior design, Mercedes is moving further and further away from what I want to see in a business vehicle. The journeys with the mouse cinema are clearly less relaxed than in the BMW 5 Series or in vehicles from the Asian competition.

    When Mercedes offers the EQE estate and at least basic analogue controls, I will switch to a new EQ vehicle instantly. Otherwise, excellent used luxury diesels will be on offer in the next few years.

  8. Tolle Drohnenaufnahmen, schöne Landschaften… Die Autos scheinen weniger wichtig zu sein.

    Nice landscapes.. the cars themselves seem to be less important


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