The $6 Million Dollar Pickup Truck

This Ford F750 World Cruiser pick-up truck, with its full living room, kitchen, bathroom and beds for 6, was built by Dunkel Industries and cost $6m to build.

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  1. just goes to show some people don't have any skill with craftsmanship and they just throw more money at it Out sourcing And that's what you come up with A over budget money hole The materials they probably used Were top of the line most likely

  2. I bought this truck for 5.8 mil. last summer.
    It rides great, I am working on reparing some rust spots. Thank you for great vehicle Mr. Dunkel

  3. The President, ("our President of the United States"), has just not only saved the United States Citizens, "(our family members)", but He, has saved the World also with this vaccine… We the People, and the World,( "THANK YOU President TRUMP).

  4. The video makes me dizzy. Every fucking thing you showed required a pause on every frame in order to even get a glimpse of what the video footage actually withheld 😤 so freaking stupid you can't even stabilize each frame shot.. take a lesson from Tom from MySpace; all that retarded video editing only bedazzled middle school kids.

  5. $6 million?? How? I mean it's nice, but I'm not seeing anywhere near 6 mil worth of truck/motorhome here. Unless this thing came with a couple of strippers, this guy got ripped off. And even with strippers, still not 6 mil worth.

  6. I’m a full time RVer, I have an F450 with a high end Fifth-wheel, total cost: A WHOLE LOT LESS THAN THIS.!! I can appreciate the effort involved but the top of the line Earth Roamer costs 1/5th less, twice as capable and just as pretty. Dudes going to eat the bill before he gets $6 Million.

  7. Just goes to show what a total waste of time and money these projects are. Obviously a very clever Gentleman why not use your talents to improve the environment by building something practical and useful in the line of cheap economical vehicles to be used by people in 3rd World countries to further enhance their reliance on the land. There is nothing clever in this sort of project anybody with the wherewithal can keep throwing money at something until it is what you want, but where do you STOP !!

  8. That is pretty dope, but anyone spending that much will just buy a brand new Prevost or Newell, something with a factory warranty they can just take to a dealer and have replaced- is why there's no buyer.


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