The $1.6 Million Video Game Collection Is The Largest In The World | The Vault | Forbes

Antonio Romero Monteiro has almost every video game you’ve ever heard of – from Nintendo to Poop Slinger. He started collecting as a kid, enjoying the gameplay and fantasy stories. According to The Guinness Book Of World Records, Monteiro has the biggest collection of video games in the world. At 23,063 games, Monteiro estimates his collection to be worth around $1.6 million. In this episode of The Vault, Monteiro shows us some of the rarest games and consoles he has from around the world.

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Comment (484)

  1. For some reason this video was filled with sadness
    Maybe due to the choice of music, the expression of the person in the video, and also due to the room looked big and lifeless.

  2. And he doesn’t play any of them. Is this a sort of mental problem or something? I know hoarding is a mental problem but surely this ain’t just hoarding right?

  3. i was heading towards this, collecting anything becomes a burden. its cool hold on to some childhood memories but when you start collecting full catalogues… first thing i did was get rid of them shovel wear games the sports.

  4. his not a collector, his a reseller, he buys these games and sells them on ebay for a higher price, a lot of maggots do that, if you're a true collector, you don't sell any of your collection to make a profit.

  5. 1:53 this is what you call fake false marketing, this game is trash, and it's not rare, "limited run games" is a scam company, just like VGA grading of your game.

  6. For the collection the be worth 1.6 million, each game would have to have an average value of 69 dollars which I find to be extremely unlikely. For every game in the collection worth over 1000 dollars, there are probably over a hundred games in the collection worth under 5 dollars

  7. The worthy consoles start in 2000 the rest before that year are all trash graphics your better off buying arcade machines and since xbox 360 gave achievements im done playing on PS2 original Xbox Nintendo buying every game that just gets released just to collect them is a waste of money the money is better then games that play bad

  8. There are no such $1.6 million games that were all perfect means you bought games that were bad just for the heck of it money that could of bought the 3090 graphics card

  9. As a collector of games over 1k half of it digital, half of physical. That’s someone I respect a lot to keep collection. I don’t think he play every single one but from his eyes he tries to play the ones that mean most to him and that’s alot of goodness.

  10. Why does this man seem so depressed talking about this? Is it because Forbes valued the games at 1.6 mill and he regrets it all because he doesn’t even have time to play these games? Lol

  11. 3:44 they should have not shown Super Mario 2 FDS with SMB2 NES, those are not the same game, they should have shown Doki Doki Panic FDS & Super Mario USA FC with SMB 2 NES since those are the actual Japanese versions of it

  12. Don’t hate me now but just because someone spends x amount of dollars on something that doesn’t mean that it’s worth x amount of dollars. It’s a impressive collection don’t get wrong but it’s like me saying that my movie collection is worth what I payed for witch is not true by any means.

  13. The collector in me cringes but there is something pure about how he just collects them without putting a crazy amount of care into the way he stores them. I would dedicate a more clean and safe building for storage. That hitman PS4 would never be unboxed in my house and hands.

  14. One day I aim to have this many games – just started recently after I turned 17 – currently on 211 games (physical only – not including digital downloads)

  15. Awesome 😎

    My only "problem" is that his $1.6 million estimated value, seems woefully low, considering extremely rare/limited released games can *individually* sell for hundreds or thousands of dollars.

  16. Amazing and world class no doubt, but The last gamer and possibly a few others have this plus Nintendo games boxed. They just haven’t went through the same documentation process.


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