Thank You to Russell Wilson 2013

To Russell and Ashton Wilson for taking time out of their busy schedules every week to visit patients and their families at Seattle Children’s, we wanted to say, “Thank you.” Go Hawks!

To find out more about how you can support Seattle Children’s, visit:

Music: “By Grace” and “Filaments” by Podington Bear

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  1. I already knew it, but this video just cemented Russell Wilson as the best pro sports role model in the world. He's the absolute best example of a person that ANYONE can look up to and strive to be like, not just kids. This guy is 2 years younger than me, but I see him as a shining example of a great all around person, and one hell of a football player. Go Hawks!

  2. Football doesn't even need to be mentioned here… Let alone the remarks about Kaepernick. Why are we making it out to be RW vs. CK in everything? We clearly win, so why bring it up? Just let the world know that football aside, Russell Wilson is the kind of man we should all strive to be. God bless him and all he does.

  3. Russell Wilson is a true life Superman with his great love and devotion for all of the very sick young children at Seattle Childrens.  I must admit that I had a little tear in my eye as I watched this video.  The joy he brings to others is just amazing.  Thank you Russell and Mrs. Wilson and please don't ever leave Seattle because you belong here.

  4. The Seahawk fans appreciate the blessing of Russel Wilson. Keep being the role model for all us and we all look forward to you being the MVP of the upcoming Superbowls. Go Hawks!

  5. Seahawks will be blessed this year, though they weren't blessed on my birthday, December 8th. It seemed like a given considering the recent birthday wins. 

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  6. Some may think he just does this for his image, which is false. He does it because he's a caring, fun, honest guy that I truly look up to being 21 yrs of age. I have faith he'll bring a Super Bowl to rain city and the seattles children hospital

  7. Regardless how well he does on the field, at least we know he's a very generous. caring, humble guy, doing a lot more than a lot of people would do and that's better than any Championship.

  8. Thats pretty cool of wilson. I hope a pay raise won't change his ways. And the good news is that if one of the seahawks secondary put you in the hospital there is a good chance you'll get a visit from Wilson. GO HAWKS! #SB48

  9. Thank you, Russell for your humanity on and off the field. You make a difference in more lives than you will ever know and all of us in Seattle appreciate you not just as the best inspiring quarterback but for being our Angle. Love you, man.

  10. Russel u are a very humble man, I know that winning the Superbowl will NOT change you at all I can see that your parents did a wonderful job raising you! Your dad is looking down and smiling the entire time!!
    Thank you for all you do and all you are….GodBless

  11. Russell is da man! We need to be thankful for him Seattle! A great human being and I don't CARE what others say he is a better person than he is a football player! that's why I love him! God Bless RUSS!


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