Testing An AI Robot After It Watched All Of My Videos

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I’ve answered hundreds if not thousands of your medical questions on this channel, and I’m getting burnt out. So I thought I’d build a Doctor Mike robot, teach him to speak and think like I do, and see if he could answer questions for me. The results were… mixed. Today we talk about acne scars, passing out at the sight of blood, diabetes, stitches, breast milk for bodybuilding, LEGOs, medical school, therapy, helium, natural deodorant vs. aluminum, how to sleep, fever reduction, sunscreen, ringing ears, staring at your phone, and some sicko who wants to buy Bear.

This video isn’t one big joke, we actually pulled this off for real. I got in contact with a software engineer who specializes in Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3, an autoregressive language model that uses deep learning to produce human-like text. We took the caption files of all of the videos on the Doctor Mike channel, fed them into this learning program, and it used those words as the foundation for artificial intelligence. The program is also capable of responding to questions, so after it “learned” how I speak, we fed it actual questions you have sent in and these were the responses. Each question resulted in 5-10 responses, many of which were nonsense and unintelligible. However, there was at least one clear response for each question, which is what you see in this video today. Seeing how this robot responds using my language gives me some job security that AI won’t take over medicine any time soon, but I would be curious to see how the robot would respond if you fed it several medical textbooks, as it seems lots of my natural human speech about non-medicine over the years likely threw the robot for a loop.

I LOVE reading your comments and take your suggestions seriously. If there’s a subject you want me to discuss or something you’d like for me to react to, leave a comment down below. Many of my videos have been born out of suggestions directly from you, so don’t hold back!
-Doctor Mike Varshavski

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Comment (2,015)

  1. I’ve been in the hospital all day because my testicle got twisted and I had to have a surgery for it I love your vids and your vids are making me happy and the tried to give me 8 mls of morphine and my mom stopped them are they allowed to do that we went to a different hospital and they said that they wouldn’t do that they would give it only two mls at a time

  2. This was fun and a great idea, but the voice distortion and video effects when you read the AI responses kind of ruin the video for me. Very distracting, would've preferred without.

  3. Hi doctor Mike. I'm 24 and have had cracking bones since i was a teen. Also my knees dislocate every now and then. My family has a history of osteoporosis, brittle bone and arthritis. My main medical condition is pfieffers syndrome.i have a plethora of conditions: some diagnosed and some aren't: sume are under investigation. Xx

  4. you can't really call this AI. It seems they applied a machine learning algorithm on the videos but the AI never got any data about logic. Also: not enough data. Cute idea though. They should have connected it to the medical ontology like snomed or smth. Then the AI would have some chance to actually know what the conditions are.

  5. i have this like uncontrollable urge to either press on something really hard or apply a lopt of pressure on it. like i press my keyboard kets pretty hard, and sometimes just kinda apply too much pressure on my mouse and my finger hurts. its very hard to control it. do you have any tips on that or is it like a mental thing i have to deal with

  6. My skin is sensitive to soap (flakes off when I use normal soap) so I have to use skin sensitive ones, problem is that public places dont have it and i want a permanent way to cure it

  7. Just for the info,
    this does not represent the state of Artificial Intelligence technology in general at all. There are various factors that go into making an AI recognize something after looking at a similar thing. In this case, the test system might not have been well set up, or there could have been some other issue. This is just to inform you that artificial Intelligence and deep learning are evolving and learning continuously and do not think anything about the current state of the technology just by watching this video. Research some of the more advanced and well tested sets for the actual state of AI.
    Nonetheless, funny video Dr Mike!

  8. "and now it thinks it can answer your questions"
    In the AIs defense, it doesn't think anything. It lacks self-awareness. Hopefully. Probably. Unless it's pretending, in which case I'm definitely not smart enough to know whether it is or isn't.

  9. It's kinda obvious that the AI hilariously failed.
    What seemed to work well is copying your speech pattern, or how you choose your words. The medical information it is supposed to have is waaaaaaaayyyyyyyy more complex. And a single YouTube channel is actually only very little data for that. Maybe the AI would perform better if it was fed multiple books about medicine and the used a style transfer AI to give it your speech patterns.
    Your channel is great though.

  10. I have sensory and auditory processing disorders in addition to joint issues so I’ve heard/been aware of all kinds of my own bodily noises that most people don’t even notice, the most annoying however are the constant cracking sounds of my ankle that have been driving me crazy since childhood, lol. Gotta love hereditarily bad joints and constantly hearing everything all the time, gah!

  11. And I thought my AI is bad.
    I think the main problem is the AI didn't receive any training besides learning how to speak like Dr.Mike and the AI model is the common GPT-3. It might get at least 50% of the answers correct if 'fed' with medical knowledges like human physicians and used a better AI model.

  12. So, this was a poor example of machine learning. It's picked up what you've used in your videos but if it doesn't include any other information (ie any basic medical text) then of course it's not going to be able to answer anything you haven't already answered. But they are getting closer to building decent AI for medical care. Personally, I can't wait. It would be nice to get medical care without being judged, second guessed or have personal beliefs pushed onto you (ie I've wanted a tubal ligation for over 10 years, everyone just says "you might change your mind"). I've seen so many bad doctors that I will be first in line to book in with a robot and that to me is just a poor reflection on the state of the health industry.

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  14. Of course the AI is no medical information expert from studying this videos. But language-wise, these sentences really were constructed the way Mike talks. So it's actually impressive in that regard.

  15. i think a "this is not true" text should have been in the AI parts. you are a doctor, people may not understand what you are saying or maybe they are watching with subtitles only.
    i just think its a bit more responsible you know 😛
    also people may mistake the AI for an actual doctor AI. so again, a disclaimer is needed in my opinion

  16. Question for Dr. Mike: Is it true that your blood circulation will go to the top of your head if you are upside down for too long? Also, if it is true how long does it take for your blood to go to the top of your head?


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