Tesla reveals ‘affordable’ Model 3 electric car – BBC News

Tesla has unveiled its highly anticipated Model 3 electric car.
Customers have been looking forward to a lower-cost way to buy one of the California-based company’s products, while investors hope it will swing the company from loss to profit.
But other more established automakers are launching electric vehicles of their own targeted at the same market.

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Comment (111)

  1. Nice car. Finally someone proves electric vehicles don't need to be tiny or fugly vehicles. You can see the costs cutting they had to make in the interior but they still kept the fantastic Tesla control display. This isn't the final vehicle. If they just added a smaller speedometer display above the wheel Id be a tad happier.

  2. i am sure that British petroleum hopes this car fails. also, why can't GM build a car like tesla's, i mean doesn't it have like 100x the money tesla has?

  3. Tesla's network of superchargers reduced the range anxiety for long distance driving. This is an achievement that is just as important as building the electric vehicles. The EV infrastructure gives Tesla a competitive edge over all other automakers. However, I do wonder what the cost is to build and operate all these charging stations. Tesla claims many charging stations are powered by solar panels, but I don't think the solar panels alone could generate enough energy to supply all the charges. Especially after the Model 3 comes out, the charging stations could easily be over loaded.

  4. The majority of people cannot  afford to spend  $35,000 on a car.  Tesla come back to the real world  with the rest of the world if you want to sell to the mass market.  Are Tesla engineers doing a lot of LSD or what?

  5. the first people to own cars 100+ yrs ago were the very rich , Tesla has to work from the top down to eventually get cheaper cars to market i bet in less than 10years all the arguing and doubting will be over, Tesla will get to make 8 to 12k cars they will be easy to buy and cheap to own and we will all reflect on how stupid we were to let the oil companies and car companies shaft us all these years . Tesla should be applauded and supported for the transition they are making .

  6. Tesla has nothing to worry about with the Chevy Bolt(its butt ugly). Why do most car makers think electric and hybrid cars have to look like ugly clown cars. Tesla has shown that they can look sexy.

  7. not understanding why they aren't going with banks of super capacitors instead of batteries, the capacitors would charge near as quickly as a gas tank does.

  8. It won't be long before a Indian or Chinese company mass production a load of cheap electric cars 35k is well too much now if you put it out for 15,000 OK specs won't be as good but does same job….there guna sell like hot cakes….
    I'm sticking to petrol cars at the min they need to do treble the miles their outputting at the min and speed is not a factor….

  9. So I guess everyone who hates or is critical of Tesla = fossil fuel shill

    Apparently having an opinion makes you automatically wrong about everything.

  10. I don't think I miss anything here…Given below 40k USD price tag, the model 3 is like the best so far, 200+ miles range and autonomous too…OMG…I have to sorry to other car companies for making such honest statement.


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