Tea idioms – Learn English idioms with The Teacher

Do you like learning English idioms or is studying with a funny and engaging vocabulary teacher more your cup of tea? Either way, we’ve got you covered! The Teacher brings you three ‘tea’-related idioms:

0:00 Introduction
0:26 Not my cup of tea
1:18 Not for all the tea in China
2:36 As good as a chocolate teapot

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Comment (73)

  1. 'I wouldn't do it for all the tea in Chia' – i have never heard that said in England ¬_¬

    'Its as good as a chocolate teapot' – Okay now seriously, if someone would have said these to me i would look at them with a very confused expression xD

  2. When I started learning English, I thought that I would finish my English subjects in high shool and in university. Now, I have seen that is very interesting to learn about E culture, not only learn about E language

  3. Anyone here knows who he is? His name, what he's done so far, where I can learn from him in person and stuff? I really want to know about him as a would-be English teacher. Anybody who knows anything about him, do let me know what you know, thanks!

  4. i am wondering if he was ok who is below the teacher 
    when he spit a mouthful of  hot tea out of his mouth.
    err, i am thinking if i've ever been told by some tea.
    never, because i am not a english man haha.
    is there idiom in korea about tea?

    you say,
    i've worked so hard for you
    no one seems to understand me.
    it's not true.
    come back again teacher.
    i want to meet you.

  5. This lesson is as good as a chocolate teapot. Maybe because it's not my cup of tea. I wouldn't learn this for all the tea in china.

    Just joking, I just want to make sentences with the lesson's materials.Btw, you're awesome teacher man.

  6. British love so much tea that’s why instead of gold you use tea for the idiom not for all of the tea in China 😂😂😂 French idiom for the same idea is “Not even for all the gold in the world”

  7. Lol these lessons are as good as a chocolate tea pot, I really liked it and it's really my cup of tea .. also I wouldn't stop watching them for all the tea in china .. thank you BBC


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