Taylor swift accepting speech at AMAs

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  1. Can i say this? The facts, AMAS the only awards show that treats Taylor Swift like A Queen. Unlike the other one, full of scams and being disrespectful towards my Queen TayTay 🥴

  2. this evening has been a rollercoaster for me. taylor has won two amas so far, but my other queen liv has lost all but one or two. i’m so happy for taylor but im crying for olivia

  3. I like Taylor, but I want to see more independent artists get more exposure. They are equally talented but don't have the power team and money that she holds to win these every year. Pop music is becoming a monopoly like Zuckerverse.

  4. Evermore is Folklore's Younger sister???????????? I always thought it was the other way. Like Evermore seems more…adult. With her wine, murder, cheating on husbands with lesbian lovers and all.

  5. Yes evermore deserves more recognition, personally I liked it more than folklore.
    But Dua Lipa album was just too good.
    But I'm happy Taylor got it atleast.

  6. Taylor did not attend the AMAs and other awards show except Grammy's really screams "No more keeping score now, I just keep you warm" But we love you with whatever you decided to choose❤❤❤❤

  7. The way evermore was a gift to us(her fans) on her 31st bday, and her speech is 31 seconds long to accept an award for evermore… if she didnt plan this, its such an amazing coincidence


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