Taurus January 2018 Extended Reading Somebody is Getting Tired!

IF YOU CAN’T RECEIVE VIDEO IN YOUR COUNTRY PLEASE GO: https://vimeo.com/sunshinetarot/taurus. There you will have the option to rent, buy or purchase a monthly subscription.

Vimeo is pretty basic, payment is fast and very very simple. You will sigh in relief. The platform is beautiful the picture is rich, audio is good at Vimeo. The video is 31 minutes recorded in high definition and is an extensive. If the previous videos resonated then please enjoy the video.

For a personal reading I will be available again after Xmas! But in case the wind is blowing favorably one day, email me at [email protected], and let’s see what we can do. The readings are $50 over the phone, $80 for a video, or $80 for an hour conversation.

Love & Prosperity.

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