Taste Testing EXOTIC FRUITS | Ep.2 |SORTEDfood

With so many incredible exotic fruits out there, we’ve selected another bunch for our normals to taste test and review. Plus, they may learn a few things along the way!

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  1. Ive been trying to grow cucamelons for years and have yet to get a single one. The flowers are absolutely tiny and mine never seem to pollinate.

  2. There are a Trinidadian husband and wife in London who make a soursop ice cream…it's won great taste awards. They are "Woodford and Warner"…check them out 🇹🇹

  3. Sugar cane: you're supposed to peel them 😂
    I hate soursop except for when it's in icecream form.
    Always wanted to try a mangosteen.

    You guys should try gooseberries and Cashews (the fruit not the nut)

  4. Not a fruit but cloudberries are really popular in Scandinavia. Often uses either as a sauce paired with fish or meat, a jam enjoyed with brie cheese, in ice creams or dessert. Not sure if it’s very known outside North America & Scandinavia. I really think you would like it! 😊

  5. Here in Brazil, we have sugarcane as a juice, called garapa. It consists of the crushed sugarcane, and Its absolutely delicious!!! And you can add a twist with pineapple juice (my personal favorite mix) or other juices. You guy should try ☺️

  6. If you like lychees, try longans. They have an amazing aroma that makes them taste better than lychees in a way…although both are delicious. Also try rambutans, cherimoyas, etc. SE Asia has the most amazing fruits!!

  7. There’s a few fruits native to the UK that are rarely eaten — I’d love to see you source and try medlars, they’re in season just now, look like a butthole and have to be left to rot before eating. They taste like a mix between dates and cooked apples but a bit tangier, and make a lovely jelly! There’s also service berries but they are truly quite rare. Rosehips and hawthorn berries are also out just now!

  8. I really enjoyed this because I LOVE mangosteen and sugarcane, I remember my dad would get like 30-40 mangosteen in a bag and we would eat like 3-4 each in the afternoons in Thailand. So delicious and super fun to get into when you get a knack for it.

  9. Are people in the UK really sheltered? I live in Australia and knew every single one of these, they're not super common but every one apart from raw sugar cane is sold in the average greengrocer or chain grocery store.

  10. I'd love to see a celebration of the guys friendship… Maybe meals from your school days or iconic times, your favourite times. The banter and way you're all so familiar with each other is one of the biggest reasons I watch Sorted.

  11. Is anybody else looking at the well-washed, very worn chef's jacket Ben is wearing and wondering if Santa might bring him a new one this year? I think Ben has been good enough in 2021 to deserve it. 😄😄😄

  12. I had a teacher in early elementary school who brought sugarcane for us to try. I couldn't reconcile the fibrous, woody plant with what went in the sugar bowl at home.

    Apparently at some point Mouse Melons (cucamelons) were introduced to Oklahoma (United States), as several visitors to a native plant group I belong to come seeking identification for them each year when they find them growing wild. I haven't had the pleasure of trying one yet.

  13. All of this is exotic to you? Wow, this' a big cultural shock to me cuz these are regular fruits here in México, i remember being a child and eat lots and lots of caña (sugar cane) and guanaba (soursop)!

  14. I'm unsure of how exotic it is but have you considered trying feijoas? They are a lovely if extremely sour fruit from South America and NZ and definitely worth having

  15. The mangosteen are so good! They just started selling them at some places in my state of Hawaii. We have a lot of other types of fruit that grow here. Some have just started to be cultivates here as well! I think the mangosteen has grounded here kind of recently I think. I know that a farm here has some trees I assume, as they sell them at a local market here. Like a lot of edible fruits and vegetables; they weren't locally grown here but imported. So in the last however long, there's been all kinds of 'new' fruits and vegetables being grown here. It's really cool that we can finally have more variety too! Also better when it can be maintained instead of grow wild and take over the local plants.

  16. soursop seeds contain an alkaloid that contains a type of QUATS, that cause neuron degradation, in large enough amounts it causes parkinsins like symptoms and death, DON'T BELIEVE THE FAKE "health CLAIMS of charlitins, do NOT eat soursop seeds people!!!

  17. I was kinda hoping some bitter melon would ruin their mood at the end. My and my dad's favorite way of eating bitter melon is stir fried with pork and a basic stir fry sauce (Ginger, garlic, soy sauce, oyster sauce, chicken bouillon).

  18. As someone who can sing the entirety of "Bear Necessities" by heart, including that pawpaw part, watching Ben mangle it WHILE READING IT FROM A TABLET was just torture. Be better Ben. Be better.

  19. Those mexican cucumbers YOU CAN GROW IN ENGLAND!! The plants are climbing and go wild. Cos there will work probably as good as a pickle cucumber in a good spot. Or even better in the greenhouse you want taken over. And we know mexi cucumber is on Ebs list to grow next year. Even the rest of you.

  20. I recognise and have eaten three of them (sugarcane, soursop, and mangosteen) coming from Indonesia. A part of me died when the bit into the mangosteen. I love drinking sugarcane and soursop juice/smoothie, would recommend it to everyone. I honestly love this episode 💕

    My family used to make me guess how many fruit in mangosteen before knowing that you can see it from the bottom part

  21. Great video if you want a suggestion, here in Azores we have Anona or Coração negro (Black heart) ,cherimoyas to the foreigns. It's quite sweet, it's eaten raw minus the skin and seeds. The leaves after dried is often use to make tea (which is also sweet) which reduces cholesterol. Need to alert that needs to be drink in intervals of time, I think 2 weeks drinking 2 weeks of rest, because it's in large use its poisonous to the body. Nevertheless it's quite a delicate and sweet fruit. Once again great video, can't wait for the next. Love from Azores

  22. Guanabana: PLEASE, scoop the meat, put it in a blender, little milk an sugar… OOORRR, meat, sugar, heat, and make a sweet. PLEASE PLEASE…. we have it in Colombia, and is really rare to open it and scoop it, we make juice with it

  23. I'm from Guatemala, central America and we also produce sugar from sugarcane , my grandparents used to cut it in small batons and freeze them, give it a try like that, it reminds of my childhood.

  24. Ngl, I have only experienced the Guanabana (Soursop). The only reason I experienced them tho is because I used to buy a lot of juice that had the Guanabana mixed with Guave and that stuff was absolutely fantastic. Never tried Sugercane, Cucamelons (tho I recently found something along the same line as the Cucamelons as in it was also a mixed heritage fruit of roughly that size) nor have I tried Mangosteen. Tho I could probably partially blame that at living just across the pond on the mainland and not in the tropics.

  25. I live in Bundaberg in Queensland, Australia, a town built on sugar. Bundy, as the locals call it, is surrounded by sugar cane fields and its second most famous export, after the sugar, is Bundaberg Rum. I tried sugar cane juice at the local markets when I first arrived up here and it is utterly vile. I might add I also hate dark rum. Used to grow cucamelons in my garden too.

  26. I'd like to see you lads pick two or three iconic american fast food dishes and try to jazz them up. You know, high end Ohio Skyline Chili or something. Posh shrimp bake, et cetera.

  27. I'm shocked the boys didn't recognize Bare Necessities within the first sentence. I was waiting for the reference since Ben said paopu (looked up the spelling, now my Kingdom Hearts fangirl has risen too)

  28. My partner’s mum gave us a cucamelon plant last year and we had so many of them! They are lovely in gin and tonic. We tried pickling them but we didn’t have much success there.

  29. I grew up having sugarcane juice in Venezuela! And also chewing on sugarcane sticks in my uncle’s farm! We also eat a lot of guanabana (my grandmother used to make a guanabana cake that it was to die for!)
    And then, living in Asia, I got to try the mangosteen and fell in love with it forever 😍
    Love your vídeos, guys!
    Greetings from Madrid 🇪🇸

  30. Loving this. Mangosteen is know as Queen of fruits to the King of fruits, the durian. They usually are in season together. Just make sure not to let the skin of the mangosteen touch your clothing as it stains and difficult to remove. Love love love this episode.


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