Target Thanksgiving Ad – SNL

A commercial advertises Target’s Thanksgiving deals for the entire family.

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Comment (483)

  1. This is gold. I have always thought that when families get together, the only people having fun are the kids. They are happy to see their cousins and aunties. They play and eat. Pure enjoyment!

  2. I have 7 brothers and sisters not including other relatives, nieces and nephews.

    Yes. Yes. This is pretty damn accurate. But we love another at the end of the day. I would hate to be boring or live in a Echo chamber. But I thrive in Chaos.

  3. I have to say, I have been pretty "blessed" to have had super idyllic thanksgivings and xmasses. They were like something out of a Hallmark movie.. Me and my mum would spend them with my Godfamily and their sons and we always got dressed up and had a beautful place setting. Later.. after my mum got remarried those ended and the holidays were fraught with more stress and chaos.. NOw it is just me and My BF.. no drama.. just no family or friends to do anything with…

  4. why does every couple on snl have to be interracial now? like we get it….youre soooooo woke and pro everything youre supposed to be….but like every single couple? come on….can we just let life be life instead of trying to shove your wokeness up our ass? interracial couples are great….and its fine…but its RARE. yet every single couple on here is ir now i just dont get why?


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