Take a Spin in Nick Mason’s $40 Million Classic Ferrari

Nick Mason made his first fortune playing drums for Pink Floyd.

His second came from racing old cars. Specifically, old Ferraris that today are among the most expensive cars on the planet.

This weekend he took the star of his collection—a 1962 Ferrari GTO—flat out up the 1.16 mile track at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, about 60 miles south of London in the rolling South Downs National Park. The annual event has grown from a small, hillclimb race to a full-on weekend of supercars from around the world.


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Comment (76)

  1. a man after my own heart, vintage autos and bikes are like fine wines <3
    which might explain my husband upset at the vintage motorcycle collection taking up too much space in the garages

  2. I must say that it is probably the most beautiful car in the word. The E-Type is nice, the 930 is beautiful, the Aston-Martins are great, but there's nothing like the Ferrari GTO. Of course the 1985 Testarossa, 1990 Diablo, and the 1990 NSX are also very beautiful.

  3. A funny little tale that could be true or myth, but apparently Nick's 'people' receive emails every now and then asking him to command his price to sell and ship it to the Arab Emirates or China – at any price. Not for sale mate.

  4. I think its $70 mill now or priceless either way. im concerned with 30k i will never see again on an old F100 that is bleeding me dry. Money makes money/cant fix stupid.

  5. In my opinion the greatest piece of automotive engineering ever! My all time favorite. Goodwood festival magnificent! Reminds me of quote from Ron Howard's film 'Rush' "Men love women, but they love cars even more"!

  6. What a dream come true for Nick. A beautiful race car for a excellent musician. Well deserved. Owning a car like this does become a part of you. Fits him like a glove and from the sounds of it he has had years of enjoyment. Nice of him to share this car with the rest of the world. Looks, drives and sounds like a race car should be. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Whenever someone questions Nick Mason’s place in the canon of rock drumming (for better or for worse) I just say that he was the right drummer for Pink Floyd, period. With such a stable of musicians – especially David Gilmour and Richard Wright – Nick’s style was more slightly behind-the-beat and responsive to the amazing musicianship on display.

    OR another way to approach the subject would be to stick a Neil Peart or John Bonham type on the skins and imagine how that would have worked out. The answer would be that it wouldn’t. Pink Floyd’s slow, musical technicality came from the front and Nick perfectly provided the responsive rhythm and structure. Structure is an interesting word, especially in the realm of Pink Floyd, especially if one is to imagine their music as architectural. A song such as Shine on You Crazy Diamond, as but one example, could not have been augmented for the better with Keith Moon lighting fires in the background.

  8. Too bad Nick didn’t buy a Shelby Daytona coupe about that same time also that would be an awesome pairing. He’s surely then would be known as the collection guru .


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