Kokoda Trail: D-by-D Recap 01

For the past months, we have continuously mentioned the fighting on the Kokoda Track, but it was often a mere footnote next to the colossal battles happening throughout the world. Today, we give you a unique recap of all that’s been going on in this remote theater of war. Join us on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/TimeGhostHistoryOr join […]

UNDERRATED MAKEUP … Hidden Gems You Need!

Today I’m reviewing some amazing products that you’ve been overlooking! xo’s Tati 😇 HALO BEAUTY ON SALE 🥝 » » » https://HaloBeauty.com ▸ V I D E O S M E N T I O N E D BEST HOLIDAY GIFT SETShttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cjUUaYU3hvc&t=814sMORE BEAUTY SECRETS …https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nw8xl9l9BDI&t=512sWhat’s Up With CLEAN MAKEUP?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IEtlfMSr1HM ▸ P R O D U […]

This Epic Solar Powered Sailboat is a Self-Sufficient Home on the Water

Simon has transformed this derelict sailboat into an epic off-grid solar-powered and fossil-fuel free cruising catamaran. He’s been living aboard and renovating the boat for the past 3.5 years We’re excited to show you the transformation as well as how he plans to propel the boat without the use of diesel or fossil fuels! You […]

Não confundam Cachambi com Caxambu | FUTURO EX-PORTA ep. 07

Hora de usar filtros para revelar talentos! Inspirados no quadro protagonizado por Rafael Portugal, os participantes terão que bolar as suas próprias versões do Família Sem Filtros. E aqui não adianta ameaçar dar porrada nem fazer simpatia da Dona Helena: eles precisam brilhar na criação de personagens totalmente inéditos e contracenar com eles mesmos, nesta […]

Vladuta Lupau – Se aud colinde pana la cer

Vine praznicul mare și … se-aud colinde pân’ la cer în toate casele din lume! Acest cântec este cu tematică de Crăciun, nu este colindă…însă sper să ajungă la inimile voastre și mai ales la cei care au dor in suflet! Aștept ca de fiecare dată comentariile voastre frumoase! Vă iubesc🎅🏽 Muzica și text – […]

[LIVE] Thomas Rhett YouTube Premium Afterparty

Join me here in the YouTube Premium-exclusive afterparty for a live Q+A following the Premiere of the official music video for “Slow Down Summer”. Set your reminder now to tune in for the event: https://youtu.be/bvFKx3TVrak Get YouTube Premium for access to the afterparty – free trials are available for new members: http://youtube.com/premium Listen to “Slow […]

АНТИ ИНТЕРВЬЮ. Евгений Черняк и Игорь Рыбаков | Семья, Ютуб, Бизнес и сверхусилия

#ИгорьРыбаков #ЕвгенийЧерняк #Интервью #Бизнес Евгений Черняк – крупный бизнесмен, глава наблюдательного совета алкогольного холдинга Global Spirits. Входит в ТОП-20 Forbes. Публичный спикер, ведет канал о бизнесе на YouTube. Также создал университет Big Many. Мои школы здесь https://playschool.ru/ Друзья, продолжаю знакомить вас с крупными предпринимателями постсоветского пространства. Хотя Евгений Черняк, думаю, в особенно представлении не нуждается. […]

B’z “FRIENDS III” YouTube Live

B’z “FRIENDS III” YouTube Live 決定!! コンセプト・アルバム「FRIENDS III」を12月8日に発売するB’zが、12月3日(金)19:00〜生配信を行います!この季節を彩るFRIENDSシリーズの魅力を、25年ぶりに完成した新作を中心に、制作過程のエピソードや先日開催された「LIVE FRIENDS」にまつわる内容でお届けいたします!どうぞお楽しみに! ———————————————–● 出演:B’z 松本孝弘・稲葉浩志 ● 進行:ジョー横溝 ● 配信日時:2021年12月3日(金)19:00~ ● アーカイブ配信 <期間限定>配信終了後 ~ 2021年12月23日(木)23:59———————————————– ▼ コンセプト・アルバム「FRIENDS III」12月8日リリースhttp://bz-vermillion.com/news/211022_2.html ▼ 配信ライブ「B’z presents LIVE FRIENDS」12月24日〜スタートhttp://bz-vermillion.com/livefriends/#tablebox ▼ 配信ライブチケット購入者限定特典グッズのお申し込みはこちら▽ LIVE FRIENDS盤【CD+LIVE FRIENDSロゴ入りロックグラス】▽ B’z楽屋仕様・LIVE FRIENDSロゴ入りカップ&ソーサーhttps://bz-party.com/clubgym/shop #Bz #FRIENDS3 #LIVEFRIENDS

Pudhu Pudhu Arthangal (புதுப்புது அர்த்தங்கள்) – Mon to Sat, 8:30 PM – Promo | Zee Tamil

Click Here To Watch Full Episodes – https://zee5.onelink.me/RlQq/898a8072 Free Subscription click here : https://bit.ly/SubscribeFreeZeeTamilGet notified about our Latest update by Clicking the Bell Icon 🔔 Paid Subscription Zee5 click here:http://www.zee5.com/myaccount/subscri… Pudhu Pudhu Arthangal (புதுப்புது அர்த்தங்கள்) – Monday to Saturday, 8:30 PM – Promo | Zee Tamil To Free Download ZEE5 Mobile app click the link […]