Surprising Our Daughter with a New Pet!

We brought some baby silkie chicks home and surprised Starley with them. Follow us on IG: Get your merch NOW: Business: [email protected]

How To Make Singaporean Satay And Peanut Sauce

Elly Suraya of Satay By The Bay SF makes Singaporean chicken satay with homemade peanut sauce. She marinates and then grills chicken for a tender and smokey skewer that’s served with a nutty and bold peanut sauce. Check out the recipe here: Subscribe to Munchies here: Munchies videos release a full week early […]

How People Sell Stuff Online

Written by:Thomas K @HeyThomasK Filmed and Edited by:Kristie Teo @Kristiethz Produced by:Jeanette Yeap @JeanettoesChan Yun Tong @skullbonexx Starring: Lingyi Xiong @blingyiNicholas Teo @hargaohunk Jeynelle Ng @buffbaby88Shawnrick Hu @shawnrick Xiong LingYi @blingyi Yashora @yashorasChan Yun Tong @skullbonexx Outro Song by MMXJ – We’re on Facebook! @wahbananasg

19 Types of Students in an Exam

It’s exam time again. But this year, those who fail will get expelled. Who will pass? Who will fail?Follow us on Instagram: T1-t5 students: Debbie: Jasmine: Nicole: Sherly: Abbey: Denise: PeiShi: Ridhwan: Ben: Juhi: Vincent: Kevin: Hakim: Leonard: Abbey: […]