Baylor GAME WINNING Goal Line Stand vs Oklahoma State | 2021 College Football

The college football game between Baylor and Oklahoma State had a wild ending as Oklahoma State came within inches of winning, but Baylor came up with a huge goal line stand. On fourth down, Oklahoma State appeared to have an angle to get into the end zone but the Baylor play cut him off just […]

probably not the best time to run this play…

During the college football game between Virginia Tech and Virginia, Virginia made a questionable play call late in the game. They were trailing 29-24 and faced with a 3rd and 7 inside the Virginia Tech ten yard line. But instead of letting their quarterback attempt a downfield pass, they ran a trick play where the […]

#3 Alabama vs Auburn THRILLING Ending | 2021 College Football

The college football game between Alabama and Auburn had an absolutely as Alabama avoided a major upset on the road, defeating Auburn 24-22 in four overtimes. Alabama trailed 10-3 with about one minute left, but amazingly, Bryce Young led them on a 97 yard touchdown drive with no timeouts left to tie the score at […]

they dropped 3 TD passes in a row…

During the college football game between Ole Miss and Mississippi State, Mississippi State had an embarrassing sequence at the end of the first half when they dropped THREE easy touchdown catches in a row. They ended up having to settle for a field goal… and missed it. Ole Miss leads Miss State 10-6 at halftime. […]

the luckiest squib kick ever

During the college football game between Northern Colorado and Weber State, a crazy play happened in the second quarter on when Northern Colorado arguably had the luckiest squib kick ever. The kicker attempted a squib kick, but it somehow bounced off a Weber State player’s arm and landed right back in the hands of the […]

Northwestern QB gets sacked 4 plays in a row…

During the college football game between Purdue and Northwestern, Northwestern’s offensive line was doing their quarterback no favors late in the fourth quarter when they allowed four straight sacks. Purdue’s defensive line was simply too much for Northwestern to handle down the stretch of the game. Overall, Northwestern lost 22 yards over four plays as […]