How I beat Breath of the Wild BLINDFOLDED (Great Plateau)

This is the story and gameplay of how I ended up beating Breath of the Wild’s Great Plateau BLINDFOLDED–without seeing the game at all. HUGE thanks to CrystalSaver who helped IMMENSELY with this run, check out their other blindfolded runs here: NEW merch available at 😀 POINTCROW▶TWITCH:▶MERCH:▶VOD Channel:▶Twitter:▶Discord:▶Instagram: […]

How To Beat The DEATH GAME In “The Hunger Games”

Check out Current here: the app and use current code CINEMA and in the next couple of weeks we will be sending 10 random people $500! If you were trapped in a brutal game where you have to hunt each other for sport, what do you do? Thank you for watching The Hunger Games […]