TOO LIGHT | FARHAT season 2 | Episode 1 | Full HD | English

After Farhat and his friends reconstructed an ancient magical crystal called the Shariman it started to feed their country with powerful bright energy. But there are mysteries hidden in the power of this crystal that our friends did not expect… Fahrat once again will have to face new challenges in the season 2 of the […]

IN THE BELLY OF EGOKHAN | FARHAT season 1 | Full Episode 15 | English

In the belly of the Egokhan-shaped pyramid, Farhat is hounded by the demon himself, and is swept away with the force of the primordial elements: Ice, Wind, Water and Fire. 📌 SUBSCRIBE OUR CHANNEL🎬 SIMBA THE KING LION🎬 ROBIN HOOD🎬 FARHAT 1🎬 FARHAT 2🎬 JUNGLE BOOK🎬 DINOFROZ🎬 DINOFROZ […]