Tough Riddles That Will Puzzle You to Pieces

How can you boost your attentiveness to detail? Spot the slightest change in your friend’s behavior, notice the difference between two objects that seem identical at first glance? Riddles and puzzles with answers will help! The more riddles you crack, the quicker you get the right solutions. #brightside Animation is created by Bright Side. Music […]

Something Exploded at the Bottom of the Ocean and It Cracked Open Earth

What’s the strangest natural phenomenon you’ve ever seen? How about a massive explosion at the bottom of the ocean? I bet you’d wanna see that one but preferably in a video. This explosion created a volcano 10 times bigger than the Statue of Liberty and it draws from the deepest volcanic magma reservoir known to […]

Why Do Insects Always Bite Me And Not Others?😡

For some reason, certain people attract insects more than others. Why do mosquitos bite you more than your friend? There’re all sorts of myths about what attracts and repels insects. If you find out, what makes you a magnet for insects, this understanding can help you avoid them. Let’s see which of the everyday things […]

The Cheats’ Way to Lose Extra Calories?😏Take a Hot Shower!

What prevents you from losing weight? You might work out every day, stick to some special diet. And still – you just can’t lose those extra kilos. Let’s take a look at the main mistakes that appear on your way to get the body of our dreams. And how can you correct them? How about […]

Dinosaur Extinction Started 10 Million Years Before The Asteroid Hit

Why did the dinosaurs go extinct? We’ve all heard the theory about the asteroid that hit the Earth and destroyed the Dinos. But what if it was a myth we truly believed in? A new theory claims that dinosaurs would be wiped from Earth even without an asteroid. Let’s take a look at these 27 […]