BONES VS MOGA! BOSS RACE! (Genshin Impact)

Save time on your work and emails with Grammarly! Sign up for a free account and get 20% off Grammarly Premium: Thanks to Grammarly for sponsoring this video! Today in Genshin Impact Bones and I are doing a boss race, with the loser having to raise Amber, the supposed worst hero in the game. […]

What Was the Biggest Dinosaur? – Part 1

The sauropod dinosaurs were the largest animals to ever walk on our planet – but which one was the biggest of them all? This is a very complicated and heavily debated question, so let’s investigate. Join our Discord server: us on Patreon: Follow us on Instagram: Music by Geographer Subscribe to explore […]

Doctor Reacts To Fire Medical Memes Ep. 19

NEW MERCH: Go to to get a 60-day free trial of ShipStation. Another day, another meme review. Today we talk about Iron Man, back pain, instagram models, fist bumps vs. high fives, kidney transplants, pediatrics, bones, handwriting, coffee, John Cena, flu shots, pumpkin spice, dental crowns, boxing, spines, hiking, weight loss, family medicine, […]