Sustainable Development Goals: Leaving No One Behind – Examples from Papua New Guinea

United Nations – In 2015, 193 states, including Papua New Guinea, adopted a set of goals to end poverty, protect the planet, as well as to build prosperity and peace. These Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs serve as a platform to transform the world by 2030. The SDGs aim to improve the quality of each person’s life, because everyone matters.

This film tells the stories of three families in the Coastal, Highlands and Central regions of Papua New Guinea. It documents the challenges the families face in their daily lives, how they are overcoming these and their aspirations for the future.

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  1. If you remove money and make everything free then sustainability issues will vanish. No one will horde anything that is free, everybody will use only what they need. Nobody will build large houses, because the value of the houses will not grow, since there is no money. So people will build just enough size homes they need. Thus the building materials will become abundant again. The same thing will happen for all other resources.

    So get rid of money and create money-less economy (MLE). Only MLE can save the earth. MLE will eliminate poverty, discrimination, violence, pollution, etc. MLE will create One World, give full democracy, and any lifestyle you want. Under MLE we all work free and get everything free. Take a look at the MLE chapter in the free book at –

  2. My province ,Bougainville was in conflicts for 10years from 1989-1998.but now Bougainville is more developed compare to this provinces who supposed to be developed long time ago.

  3. This is a very biased video I have ever seen! Not everyone in PNG living a life like this. The videographer was very selective in his/her interview and recording.

  4. What a bunch of BS! All these issues you've mentioned in 3rd world countries can be fixed NOW!! Not by 2030, with your 17 socialism ideas to control the world, fix it now without creating false flags


  6. U.N = Exploitative neocolonialist hacks. So transparent. Your agendas are obviously designed for global centralized control, which will only benefit of the 1%, not the people. The west has already done enough damage to developing and third world nations, this is no different. We see you.

  7. People do not fool yourselves with these videos the rest of the world would be living the exact same way if it wasn't for hardworking people that made their societies what they are today. Hard work creates prosperity. I blame the people of Africa for Africa being what it is today.

  8. BECAUSE, THE SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS, of the United Nations, are still running. And not yet achieved. Does the WORLD benefit from Well-educated Coming Generations.
    Only Good Teachers can offer that Guarantee. If it becomes Well-paid jobs, such as, at the time, IT, it will run wildly.

    REGARDS, !!
    PS We must not forget that the 'alien phenomenon' is becoming more and more accessible and little by little Mainstream.

  9. I worry about the stories of (other) "real people's lives'. As long as there is division between who's (economic) needs are " counted" as "more real" and who's (personal, subjective) needs are "counted" as "less real", the artificially imposed binary divisions will continue to exist; indeed they will perpetuate and grow, despite the good intentions. There is no perfect order in miracles – they are ubiquitous in variety, ingenuity, creativity – as likely to happen to a child as to an economist, a poet, a scientist, an entrepreneur or a politician. In a holistic approach the "economic experts" must be open to learning from the unique individual voice of "a human person" – we are everywhere. There is power in vulnerability and also in humility – we all of us – each and all are so much more than digitally humanised actors who must learn to behave according to the dictates of a "world stage". Digits are useful, but not real. The personal is so much more powerfully sustainable in the longer run, one whole unique human individual listening to another. Transformation happens in waves, ' locally', at the level of diverse, unique, unexpected, surprising individual action, one person at a time.

  10. can all of you who were commenting on this UN's video, just give some help. or if you don't want to offer any help, just please shut the f up. because the UN didn't need any of your mean comments. They're all trying to get help from many institutions or the private sector. And they didn't even say that this happened to all of the Papua New Guinea people. And by those comments down here, YOU DIDN'T PUT ANY HELP AT ALL.

  11. At long last, an unelected global dictatorship to decide what our goals are and them ram them down our throats with no vote, no referendum, no discussion. That's really just what we all needed and wanted.

  12. Sickos …dig a hole and shove your control freak ideas in it ok.. You are only helping yourselves, and care for no one. Using those you harm to push your agenda

  13. Stop colonizing people’s land. Leave people alone and stop oppressing them. Make yourself useful and help these people out instead of using their disadvantages for your own. Evil!

  14. Borrow money 👏 50 thousand baht 🍎 1/8/2021 will use 5 million baht ✈/✈ R️ M r Oun ❤️ 35 years old ⚽️🏑 Ban Nam ຳ Ngeun Muang Ngeun Thanon 2 W 🇱🇦 LAOS🇱🇦 Xayabouly Province ✈/✈ Have a nice house to live in or rent a nice house / have 5,000 baht per month ✈/✈ We will wait at the Silver City Stadium ✈/✈ Open from 13:00 to 15:00 Saturday 3/10/2020 ✈/✈ Monday 5/10/2020 Start loving yourself or not worrying about us

  15. So there going to act like a savior to these people to implement there sustainable development program there going to use them as an example to say look our sustainable development program works just a testing ground for UN sustainable development

  16. Where are you in Gaza you arent helping anyone just thinking about the smaller problems where is this agency when Gaza clearly requires humanitarian aid where are you United Nations how do you not have any pity

  17. Do these goals include the restoration of Palestine and giving the Palestinians their land back? Do these goals include placing sanctions on the US for the war crimes they committed since the end of WW2? Do these goals include the end of apartheid around the world? Why wait until 2030 to provide proper medical care in Papua New Guinea? Why didn't YOU do this 20 years ago?
    You stood on the sidelines while people were being ethnically cleansed all over the world? Was that part of the 2030 agenda? Ethnic cleansing to ensure a lesser population to manage?


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