Surviving Terrorism: Victims’ Voices from Norway

Terrorist attacks draw headlines around the world – but what happens to the survivors once the media has moved on?

On 9 November, the United Nations will screen “Surviving Terrorism: Victims’ Voices from Norway,” an intimate portrayal of two survivors of the July 2011 attack by Anders Breivik, at an event at UN headquarters in New York.

For more information, visit the United Nations Victims of Terrorism Support Portal at

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  1. If you kept a tiger locked in a cage for 21 yrs, at the end of 21 yrs would it walk out of that cage a different animal? Well the shooter will not be changing his stripes, Norway wake up and change your sentencing laws!

  2. You are strong and brave and having the courage to do what must be done. You know what you had to do and that is what saved your life. I have almost died 2 so I know what it's like to feel like you're going to die and if it won't for me keeping my self together and staying strong . To really control your feelings mental and physically and emotionally. If you can't keep it to gether if I won't have I would have died. It is also IMPORTANT to control your feelings mental physically to be strong for others. That are around you the most IMPORTANT thing to never give up no matter what the obstacle is. You always find away to survive.

  3. One thing that is really sad is that basicly everything that could go wrong that day went wrong. It was really bad comunication between the police, they went to the wrong place etc. Filming helicopters came way before the police. A boss(?) was too focused on an "important" phone call so didn't read a letter that said something about a suspicious man driving to Utøya(or something like that) so he could have been caught before he came to the island…

  4. Gemeinsam gegen Rechtsextremismus.
    Breivik,AfD, FPÖ, Martin Sellner, Pegida, Identitätere,…..
    Gemeinsam schaffen wir die Welt vor Terroristen und rechtsextreme Miststücke retten.

  5. welp this is daily because of mass immigration isis even admits they are infiltrating the western world using the immigration system. havent seen many videos of people who survived the london bridge attack though and the guy who stopped the whole ordeal got put on a terrorist watch list and the victims families got nothing so good going leftists amazing job

  6. One thing is for sure, more than one bullet and more than a gun is waiting for the day that piece of garbage, Breivik, steps outside his safe haven called prison. I cant wait!

  7. Whats really trippy is….these people harmed by their own kind. And can hate blacks anyway, for nothing but the color of them. Well, the irony of it? The white dude cared less about the other whites for no reason personal to him at all. Hate is hate, and she said she isn't mad at him. Black don't make whites mad, the color makes whites insane. And nothing in history blacks done to cause this hate.

  8. man .. they really should stop with the islamization of europe and immigration or else all sorts of social tensions will rise . people know your places …

  9. norway state funded terrorist wars and groups in africa thousands died
    per year. i do not see them on trial or the truth of norway tax money
    given to men that killed with violent bombing in africa for decades
    ..brevik is mentally insane should of never gone in to a court . but to a
    lock up hospital to be studied for life. any one in the world listened or know of the voices of the victims in africa that the norway state destroyed .

  10. 亡くなられた方々のご冥福をお祈り申し上げます。また、現在も苦しみに苛まれている方達に対して一日も早い回復を願っております。

  11. 10:20 "I wouldn't put Brejvik in jail, I would let him work for the immigrants" – wow, you lady clearly have great ideas, good luck with that and your party. I'm 100% sure you would teach him better manners and he would be just fine. Meanwhile he's playing video games in his hotel-like prison 🙂 I do feel sorry for all of the victims, but when I hear that political morals, especially from survivors it's like really unnecessary..

  12. This comment section is nice
    The trailor for the netflix movies comment section was filled with psychos praising his actions and saying that the kids deserved it

  13. Multiculturalism is not a threat because it doesn’t exist. Different cultures infiltrated Norway and they keep themselves separate. They just collect benefits. It’s just pockets of monoculture

  14. Ms. Gunaratnam I appreciate your sincerity in speaking peace and understanding despite your experience. This is what I am seeking to teach my students. We have to talk about the hard things like violence, hatred, inequality or our silence reproduces them. Understanding and compassion, willingness to understand the unimaginable is the only way to stop the hate and division. Its a struggle in my country as well as we become more and more polarized. Thank you for being another voice for prevention.

  15. Anyone knows if Vilijar removed the rest of bullets fragments from his brain? I remember his doctor said he has to be carefully cuz the fragments could move inside his brain and a surgery would be possible if the fragments move further out of the brain stem…

  16. If this was in America. They would have a gun at that camp. Maybe 5 people would die instead, not saying it’s good at all but Norway should be more prepared no matter what

  17. I was at Utoya today. Really sad to be there as one of the buildings he shot in you could see Hole in the door and walls etc. That’s the ONLY Physical evidence left of the attack

  18. We are so naive in Norway we think we can sit around a campfire and sing kumbaya and nothing bad will happen. Our biggest and most naive mistake that we need to learn from is that horrific massmurders can happen anywhere not just in the movies or in the Us etc. Why didnt anyone have a gun at utøya.? I will tell you why because we believed that nothing bad will happen at a youth camp especially in" calm and peaceful Norway" I am 100% convinced that had this horrific tragedy happened in the Us there would not have as many people dead. Because in difference to naive Norway in the The Us all safety precautions are taken to make sure that kids are safe you would have armed guards that could protect the kids. Thats why 77 people needlessly died because there was no one to defend them. Had someone had a weapon they terrorist could have been neutralized. In many ways this horrific tragedy happened to extent it did because. 77 people died because sadly In Norway we are too naive and soft to believe in guns as protection. It doesnt stop there the police task force that came out to the island didnt even have a proper boat or helicopter. None of this would have happened in any Us state. We can say what we want about the Us , but if there is any country i would feel safe at youthcamp it would be there one because you have armed guards , two when the police come they come and more importantly with the proper equipment and tools for the task at hand. Not like the amaturs in my country Norway. In the Us the terrorist would have gotten the sentence he deserves not the soft on crime policy sentences we Have in Norway. The Norwegian Justice system is a joke.

  19. I just watched "22 July" on Netflix and looked for the background story. As a History teacher, I believe in hearing from those who lived the event. I am so impressed with this vid. Strength to all the survivors.

  20. I was 5 years when this tragedy happened and I can remember my family talking about it. I knew something was wrong but they wouldn't tell me what was going on. I also overheard that my cousin lost her friend there and I wanted to know so badly what was going on. Today I am 15 years old and just watched utøya and I can't believe this has happened. I can't imagine 15 yearold's being there running, swimming and hiding for their life. All my love goes out to the people who has been affected by 22. july.

  21. Viljar is an incredible man. It is not a coincidence he survived these 5 shots. Probably, no one else would have. Respect to everyone who was involved in this shocking and heartbreaking tragedy.

  22. After i watched the movie im not gonna lie i was a bit broken inside. Been still… What i want to say is that when it comes to kids, teenagers etc we can not act like its something normal. This man killed so many innocent kids, he was sick… And what was the panishment? 21 years… This person will come back in 10 years but THOSE kids who tragically died wont. God may rest them in peace. Sending my condolences to their families… WE WONT FORGET WHAT U DID! We want justice for those kid…

  23. When government suddenly changes the environment without taking time to see how people feel about it ,things like this happen . He didn't want to share his living space with immigrants and there are many more who don't want it . Government is guilty

  24. What made him this way? Sociopathy, textbook case of genetic predisposition and environmental triggers of childhood trauma and neglect. Don't give his cause another thought: it could have been ANY cause. Racist nationalism just came up in the lottery of his grievances.

  25. Am 2011-07-22 bin ich bei meiner schwangeren Verlobte geblieben, am September wird unsere Geburt erwartet. Geheiratet haben wir so schnell wie möglich. Unser zweites Baby habe ich und meine Ehefrau nach unserer Hochzeit gezeugt, dass auch am September geboren ist.

  26. I condemn the terror these idiot have has done, but my personal opinion is is that multiculture is harmful for most countries. Just look at sweden, migration has gone completely out of control, with violent and murder and rapes. Gang shootings. Just look at the Easter riots these year.

  27. We just had a new terror attack on a gay club in Oslo. We need to have an open society , sure.. Buy being honest is also abut being smart. Killing 69 people in one attack is not more wrong than killing 69 people within 10 years? .. Killing people with driving into crowds, killing people at concerts, hijacking airplains etc… It is all terrorism. And regualar war is also terrorism.


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