Superman vs Link

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Comment (221)

  1. Who would win in an epic showdown between the man of steel and Link? Comparing their powers and abilities, Link has infinite items to choose from, but Superman is literally bulletproof. Even the Master Sword isn't strong enough to hurt him. But there's a certain green stone that belongs to Link… and the joke is way too funny to pass up. Do you agree with the results? How would you have the fight play out? Leave a comment down below and join the conversation! And what should I make next?

  2. ….when you stop to consider that the majority of Link's arsenal is magic-based and one of Superman's few weaknesses is magic….this would actually be a really close fight.

  3. who would win ? an adult who comes from another planet and has the strength of about 1000 people, also having the ability to shoot lasers and fly ooooor a 12 year old boy who just learned to use a sword?

  4. The Master Sword would never be broken, just by Hylia, Din, Farore, Nayru and the same, the only one… God can destroy The Master Sword but well I like it because Link won, my favorite videogame is The Legend of Zelda

  5. Master sword. CANNOT BREAK. ITS MAGIC. SUPER MAN DIES AGAINST MAGIC…but link win so okay. But if they did, it will be more intense. Super man is extremely strong but doesn't go look into for fights. Firece deity mask will be used, and be one of the greatest helpers. Naurus love, hylian shield, majgic arrows, and more magic stuff will be good against superman

  6. Link defeated in one of the Oracle games Ganon who was Fused with triforce, that gives him high outer feats and this wasnt the strongest Link MM Link with godmask is stronger than him so Link would stomp + he has the Mastersword which was made by a god


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