Sugar Daddies – Trailer

Kara is a bright girl from a middle-income family. She is pursuing a law degree and working part time as a waitress. She is finding it very hard to find the time to do all that she needs to and to complicate things even further she is offered an internship. Kara is thrilled to be offered the internship as it is rare for an undergrad to find such a position. Kara’s roommate Lea seems to manage easily and introduces her to the world of ‘Sugar Daddies’ a group of older men who trade ‘favors’ for money. Kara feels very conflicted but the mounting financial pressures cause her to give in and she descends into a murky arrangement with 55 year old Grant. Kara tries to keep her relationship with Grant a secret but eventually her two worlds meet head on, with collateral damage to her family and her own future.

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