Subaru Presents The Underdogs: Haven’t Lost | National Make A Dog’s Day

Dogs with physical differences on the outside are still one-hundred percent dog on the inside. Maybe they’re missing an eye, or a leg, but they’re not missing heart. All this month, Subaru is proud to be celebrating shelter dogs with special needs. These incredible Underdogs may be the last ones to be adopted, but they’ll be the first ones into your heart. And, as this commercial demonstrates, these inspiring Underdogs can still do all the great things we love about dogs. Consider adopting today.

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  1. This is the best way to invest in a good cause, buying a good car and knowing that part of that money goes to help dogs in need.
    Good job Subaru!!

  2. I pray so hard that they find great homes for each and everyone one of these dogs! I would adopt them all if I could! Way to go Subaru, thanks for loving and caring about animals!

  3. I was freaking out bc my computer l couldn’t pause the video. I didn’t want to see something bad. I hope you guys at Subaru can read my comment. I have two little girls aka dogs and I worry about animals in the street. I was thinking, you know how we have that red triangle butto, that you click for emergencies. you guys should make a green one, maybe a tree symbol or whatever symbol and have special green lights that flash, to let everyone know that there’s an animal in the streets or wildlife. So many times, I hit the red button for an animal and get out my car and feel people speed pass me. They think it’s either a accident or car problems. So if there is a different color that means animal in danger car will slow down more and often, I believe. We need to invest in bridges and underground tunnels for wildlife keep everyone safe. This green light emergency button is more important then touch screen stuff. Touch screen needs to be ban. People walking their dog or going for a bike ride, almost getting hit bc the driver is playing with the car computer screen or their phone. I have an 09 Toyota and a iPod nano so I know what’s what. I can feel the clicks on my iPod. I wanted a Subaru to match the same years with my first girl. One issue with Subaru was back then 09, all black in and out wasn't a good thing. Being goth was hard and still is, you would think black would be cheaper then a color in anything but no it cost more. Also saw a video on people using hemp to make car seats and making hemp plastic or they were mixing it and made a copy of it, in a door panel and it was really strong. I’ve been waiting for Subaru to be the first to come out with an animal emergency light and still nothing. I’m shocked.

  4. I know everyone is typing these heartfelt comments, but I’m so sorry! I thought the hashtag said “make dogs gay.“ I was about to say. That is absolutely the MOST ambitious and risky company initiative I’ve ever seen in my life!🐶🏳️‍🌈

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  6. I've never even heard of 'Make a Dog's day.'
    Does this mean I have to take my friends dog a treat?
    Because I usually do anyway. Although the last was anti itch spray & pet bath wipes since a back injury means he can't be lifted into the tub.
    Also my cats might get a little annoyed at me. We need 'Make a Cats day' too.
    Oh wait that's every day when I give them their canned food.
    I whole heartedly agree with this idea. Doesn't even need to be your dog.
    Just get permission if it's food. Just in case the dogs allergic to things or something.
    Now I'm off to give my kitties the greenies I got on clearance that is almost like kitty crack. Temptations Dairy flavor currently holds the title of kitty crack. They can't get enough of it. I took some to my friends cats & the one started following me hoping for more.

  7. some have there thoughts and thats them too me this is a sick and disgusting ad to get people to buy a car or truck or anything just ask to give which this company should without making a commercial touching people hearts with injured animals sorry just can not agree in a sale here.

  8. Thanks, Subaru! Yes, all dogs deserve a chance & lots of love!!!! I too wish I could take them all, but one person can't give each one the attention it deserves and needs if you have more than 2 or 3.

  9. The last little pup, the black and white English Springer Spaniel with wheels, looks so much like my boy! I wish I could adopt them all and care for all of them! Great advertising campaign, Subaru!! A lot of people have more compassion for animals then they do humans. Tugs the heartstrings for sure!

  10. here because of a reddit thread with many people criticizing this commercial. not one of them mentioned how much THEY gave to an animal charity. good spot if you ask me. thank you to this company for giving.

  11. #MAKEADAYSDAY💟💯 everyone should have a dog or a cat but today is Dog's day and my baby precious right now has a problem with her trachea and I still love her she loves me and we both take care of each other she's my number one baby

  12. I recognize one of those dogs! He used to be mine!
    He was 16years old when he disappeared.
    Its the black dog with the crooked nose. His name is REX. I recognise him cause I had him since the day he was born.


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