[Sub] ไม่ลืมแล้ว ซีรีส์ “เลิฟ@นาย” Oh! My Sunshine Night Highlight EP10 [7/7]


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  1. 🥰🤗😘
    please don't stop the beautiful moment between Rain and Phayoo.
    I'm afraid to imagine if this is their last time together, Phayoo is no longer with the Rain family, please don't 🙏

  2. ชีนนี้คือหลังจากกลับจากทะเล.หลังจากเปงแฟนกันแร้วอ่ะ.อบอุ่นที่สุด😚มันดีไปหมด.เรนพายุอาจจะรักกันมาตั้งแต่เด็กๆแล้วถ้าไม่มีอะไรกั้นมันจะเปนความรักที่สมบูรณ์แบบที่สุดจนน่าอิจฉา.

  3. Why does it feels like THIS moment will be their very first and also last goodbye…. 🥺 😢 😭
    There are too many reasons to feel this scene is like a real goodbye… because PHAYU made up his mind long time ago. Now that he lost his virginity to RAIN and that he got this amazing hug he is going to move out and treasure those memories for the rest of his life. We are like in the Korean BL "To My Star" – Season 2 – Episode 8… with JI WOO saying:
    "I left my love for HIM just be free as it came. And yet that was my own defensive mechanism. For me being with him for an entire year was more than enough… to treasure HIM deep inside my heart for the rest of my life."
    Now think of PHAYU saying this lines…

    Of course… PHAYU is going to have to face RAIN again, under very sad and critical circumstances.
    How THIS goodbye scene actually really ends in the long term… we will have to face it too in the next Episodes.


  4. pelukan hangat dan mesra mereka berdua , waaah walaupun se saat akan tetapi sangat ber kesan dan dalam sekali , mereka berdua sangat bahagia , bikin iri melihatnya ISTEBEST

  5. มีคนมารอส่งแฟนด้วย…😍😁😍 น่ารักไปอีก ต้าวพายุดูตัวเล็ก ตัวน้อยไปเลย ตอนที่คุณเรนเข้าไปกอด

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  7. Rais your hands if u seen episode 10 that was freaking awesome..i can't control myself when watched this episode …i was smiling whole time .. i would say this is epic for me Rain and payu both are mine favourite and i m watching this series because of both ..and if i say honestly they really grab whole attention towards them from audiences..and most of audiences watching this series because of them .. if i m not wrong probably 90% of audiences… And but what was that blast…can anyone tell me…i don't want any kind of troublesome situation between Rain and payu … 🤞🤞i don't want that dream or nightmare becomes true… please

  8. I caaaaaaaaaaaaan´t! Stop being that cute. Both of you. The way Phayu was touching Rain´s hand and Rain´s smile after that🤩🤩😍😍.Khun Rain is so confident😉. Kiss was not necessary, cuz the hug was enough🤗

  9. Actors portraying Rain & Phayu should win an award for best portrayal of Romantic Tension in 2022 — I feel that I have seen better love scenes this year , however the best romantic tension build -up leading to culmination – goes to Rain & Phayu!!! 💕. Really would like to see them together for another BL!! 💯% 👍. 🌳🌳🌳. 🌵🌻🌴. 🍀🍀🍀.

  10. Aaah usapan ditangan itu dan pelukan hangat penuh cinta itu. Kekhawatiran Payoo yang tidak terucap, kemudian seolah dijawab oleh Rain "Ok. Tidak apa-apa" dengan memeluknya. Membuat penonton iri! 🤩🤩😍

  11. The kiss between them at the beach was the MOST BEAUTIFUL KISS 2022 not BEST OR HOT but BEAUTIFUL KISS hands down ……
    I dont know how the kisses will be in new DRAGON THE SERIES from starhunter but for now this belongs to these 2 just beautiful


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