Steve Jobs Resigns After Realizing Technology Has Gone As Far As It Can

Congress bets the farm on one last big bill, publicists agree that the nation’s celebrities are in dire need of more fame, and Jesus Christ informs Tim Tebow that he isn’t talented enough to start in the NFL. It’s the week of August 22nd, 2011.

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  1. @elk832 They all are mental. Except for Ron Paul. He has been predicting the situation we are in since 1971 when the dollar was no longer pegged to gold. It only took 35 years to bring this country to shit, and nobody seems to understand that the reason is baseless money.

  2. @usercorrupt:

    This is a quote from the American Constitution:

    "…SECTION. 8.
    The Congress shall have Power To lay and collect Taxes,
    Duties, Imposts and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide
    for the common Defence and general Welfare of the United
    States; but all Duties, Imposts and Excises shall be uniform
    throughout the United States; …"

    Claiming that the health care system is outside the bounds of the "general Welfare of the United States" rests upon your assumption, not mine.

  3. @usercorrupt:

    Also, I made no assumption that "everything is so subjective". I pointed out that the two terms you treated as though they were mutually exclusive ['industry' and 'legitimate function of government'] are not. [The definitions themselves allow for significant overlap.]

    Realizing that your opinion as to where the dividing line between legitimate/ illegitamte power usage is a subjective one neither means that I don't understand it nor that all dividing lines must be subjective.

  4. @darthstew666

    Whoa dude, you have 666 at the end of your username. I have NEVER seen that before.
    I bow to your powers of free thought and individualism. Kudos to you, sir. Kudos for being only the first or second person to do that.

  5. @foofightersww2
    The only two complaints i have ever been able to find on ron paul in my extensive research are his stance on abortion and evolution
    Despite that, he is the only presidential candidate who is honesty and actually gives a crap about the people. His beliefs stand in contrast with the military industrial complex and promote a freedom this nation hasn't seen for centuries. Ron Paul's invisibility on media is enough to tell you he is not representing big business's deceptive charade

  6. @godlessmessiah OH MY GOD!!! I am aware that I don't know you…..But thank you for that comment! Ever thought about writing sketches for a comedy or just joining the onion news????!! Please, consider it! I am begging you.

  7. lmao, I thought your comment was directed at Steve Jobs, since this video was posted before his death, I found it pretty rude but realized it was just a coincidence 🙂

  8. @Zillionatom genes are not always expressed in people some are dominant and some are recessive black colour of skin is due to melanin produced by melanocites only people who do not have melanin are albino people .so even the whites have melanin in skin but to a lesser every reproduction cycle skin colour is determined by a whole host of genes .so if Adam and eve were white that does not mean that they could not have black kids hope that answers your question

  9. If you think you'd save money from an apple product you're off your rocker. I'm glad that apple sticks to making gimmicky toys for spoiled shits, because as an engineer I'm glad there's some sectors of technology they haven't managed to fuck with yet.

  10. More like how dare Apple use extremely unethical manufacturing methods, attempt to sue everybody for extremely generic features, make immature attack ads, and use manipulative marketing techniques in general. It's easy to see why Macs are only about 4% of desktops, and iPhones have dropped to about 10% of the market.

  11. Those are the same manufacturing methods all the other companies use: Outsourcing to china.

    Apple also sue only over patents they own, if they did not enforce them, the patents would become invalid.

    And the marketing technique of "show what the product is called, what it looks like, and what it does" Is hardly manipulative. Maybe compared to the typical android ad where they show the phone spinning in mid air while a bored voiceover talks about tech features nobody cares about.

  12. 1) Yeah, a lot of other companies oursource to China, but Apple is particularly brutal and this is factual. None of the other tech companies I know have ever tortured somebody for fucks sake. 2) they DID become invalid, the court cases mostly flopped. Only like 1 out of 20 succeeds. 3) If you think that's all an apple ad is, then you're sadly one of the fools they've manipulated successfully. 4) Android doesn't have ads, the phones do, and some of them have been pretty good.

  13. Apple outsources to Foxconn. As do Acer, Motorola, Dell, Intel, HP, Sony, Samsung, Nintendo…

    Apple don't torture people. Foxconn torture people. It's not a part of the Apple-Foxconn contract that Apple production lines have more suffering on them. The exact same amount of suffering goes into Nokia and Nintendo products. They're the same factories. Same employers. Same people.

    Point four is semantics. I did not literally mean the android operating system had ads, and you know this.

  14. Just because a manufacturer works with multiple companies does not mean their conditions are the same. When a business agrees to have a product manufactured somewhere else, they can set penalties for certain actions such as non-compliance to international regulations and products not conforming to standards. They have every bit of power to stop things like this, but they likely encouraged it. Nobody making wiimotes has ever been tortured till they committed suicide.

  15. Tell me, how do you know for a fact that nobody who made a wiimote has committed suicide?

    See I do this thing where I only make claims I can prove. Schrodinger's fact has no place in intelligent discussion.

  16. I didn't say they haven't committed suicide, I said they haven't been -tortured- till they committed suicide. Funny how you're saying you're only making claims you can prove, whereas you're flat out lying. As for how I know nobody's been -TORTURED-, I don't for sure! But presumably since it's the same company, if we found out about one person being tortured we'd find out about others. The real questions is why you're trying to defend a company that treats you like a mesmerized wallet with legs.

  17. Ahh, more semantics.

    Tell me, how do you commit suicide after being tortured, without committing suicide?

    And where have I lied? I want some proof. Actual proof that things I've said to you are untrue.

    Also, Apple don't treat me like anything. I've owned two Apple products, both were bought used, and both were incredibly obsolete.

    They did save me a lot of money though! An entire iMac for the price of a firewire card, and a Powerbook for the price of shipping.

  18. I feel like letting anyone in on how stupid you are would be cruel and unusual punishment. A single grammatical error is nowhere near as big a mistake as the one your parents made when they decided to keep you.

  19. Have you considered maybe you just need some English lessons? Maybe some logic classes too? They won't be able to fix you, but they can help you make the best of it at least.

  20. Don't need any English lessons, I was born and raised in the country that created it.

    As for logic lessons, you should probably take a look at them yourself. You think someone can be tortured so much they commit suicide, but that doesn't count as them committing suicide. If that's not broken thinking, nothing is.

    That, and you've got a weird hate boner for a company that doesn't even know you exist. Keep raging against the heavens, maybe one day the 747s will stop flying over your house.

  21. Yeah, right, all English people speak perfect English of course. You're proof they don't. The fact that apple doesn't know I exist is completely irrelevant again, showing your poor reasoning. They're a shitty company, and as an engineer I'm both appalled by their business ethics and how they're dragging technology back by immaturely trying to sue other companies for generic features that they didn't even come up with. I also find it funny that you still don't even understand the suicide comment.

  22. I speak English better than you, you can't even spell the word colour.

    As always, prove your statements.

    Prove "how they're dragging technology back by immaturely trying to sue other companies for generic features that they didn't even come up with."

  23. One of the main aspects of my job is programming (whereas you're likely a grocery bagger or something of the sort), and colour is a word often used in graphics libraries written mostly by Americans. Therefore, I'm way more used to spelling it "color". If you honestly think that makes you better at English, then by all means, go ahead and stroke your worthless nationalist ego. Hell, even if Garry Newman uses color in his libraries. By the way, just google the lawsuits you lazy tit.

  24. Oh, while googling I found this: farm5 dot static dot flickr dot com/4128/5061246255_45a015568b.jpg Looks like Apple aren't the only phone company suing people. As with Foxconn civil rights abuse, you blame the crimes of all on one company.

    Also, you're nothing. You call yourself an Engineer, pointing to your wordpress for "full updates" on what you're doing.

    Since 2010 you've been amazed by a basic soldering video, and a relay in an RC car. Great achevements there Mr Brunel!

  25. I find it hilarious that the best thing you can do is criticize me on shit I did in high school, that post was already late to begin with and was older than the post on the blog, if your life is such a disastrous failure that all you can do is judge people by shit they did in high school, by all means go ahead. I'd love to see what you did in high school, did it prepare you for your bagging job? My actual jobs have involved programming simulations for several international schools.

  26. Let's see what you did in 2012 then Mr Turing! …

    You've made a post on a wireless networking board someone else created. Holy shit, we've got a real life Tony Stark on our hands people!

    It's been two years since 2010. Since you claim to be out of high school since then that makes you what, 22?

    You think you're some engineering badass. Your own site shows you've achieved nothing. You think you know better than self made millionaires and you're not even out of University.


  27. Way to not read my last post, but hey at least you're showing consistently that you have no logical capacity :). I'd like to have faith and humanity and assume you're just a really bad troll, but chances are you really are that stupid. I'm still waiting to see what you've done with your life but I'm 100% sure it's nothing valuable anyways. Oh well, maybe once you realize how worthless you are you'll do something with your life too. One can only hope!

  28. And now you've switched from "angry nerd rage" to "Pretend to be unphased at him picking me apart".

    Doesn't work. You're still a loser mad at people who've achieved more than you, and you build up an "internet badass" persona to hide how fragile you are. I'd feel sorry for you but all your problems are your own fault.

    Quit directing your rage at popular technology companies in 500-character bursts and actually do something to improve your life.

  29. Hahaha, I like how you're trying to call me a loser when you're probably a fucking grocery bagger using 15 year old technology. Internet badass? Not really, just out to improve technological knowledge in any way I can, and to be honest I have been laughing at you this whole time, how you haven't gotten that and think I'm "nerd rag[ing]" is beyond me, but hey, once again, logic is not your strong suit! Way to just repeat what I'm saying by the way, my life is great – you're the one who needs help

  30. How you think you're picking me apart when you can't even form logical thoughts is also pretty funny by the way. Keep it up, this has been almost as funny as the video these are supposed to be comments for!

  31. If you mean hysterical laughter, it's because your comments are hilarious. Why would you think your comments would have any weight, when you appear to be a ~14 year old kid with no knowledge of technology or ability to form logical statements

  32. Maybe that's why you think I'm hysterical, you're mistaking a lack of effort for hysterics! By the way, in the interest of laughing a bit more, I don't think you realize this is more like the exchange of letters than a discussion. Tell me, do you think I've just been in constant depression since this conversation started or do you think I just get sad as soon as I see a message from you, I'm curious to know! I like the idea of being in constant hysterics from youtube comments, I hope it's that

  33. You're typing tons of words to a "14 year old kid", using lots of exclamation marks even when a question mark would be more sense, and over-spilling the 500 character limit.

    Yes, I think you're in hysterics. You're really mad. All I have to do is poke and you move.

    You're beyond easy to provoke.

  34. You know, your post is oddly hypocritical, you could just say "you mad" and be done with it. By the way, you are correct – I am in fact moving. Disco dancing in fact. I'm so mad, I had to dance my anger away to disco inferno

  35. If all it takes is "Quack Quack Quack" to provoke you into responding, you're obviously not as important as you claim. After all, if you were you wouldn't bother with the likes of me.

  36. Well, you were pretty entertaining but I guess it is getting kinda stale now, I imagine it's because the whole time you somehow thought your comments were actually injuring me. Oh well, if you're done cheerio and all that I suppose.

  37. I know this is probably a stale joke but considering how Apples been selling us the same shit year after year with minor modifications, Steve might've been on to something in turns of consumer tech.

  38. And then he died one month after this video was uploaded. Though the amazing atheist has you beat. Like 3 DAYS before steve jobs died, having kept his cancer secret, for shock value, TAA started a video with "wouldn't it be great if steve jobs died of cancer?"


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