Steve Buscemi: Everyone Said ‘Never Forget’ 9/11. Some Have No Choice | TIME

Actor and former firefighter Steve Buscemi discusses the enduring physical and mental toll of 9/11 on first responders 20 years later.

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Comment (1,457)

  1. I hate whenever anyone says "never forget 9/11" because like the title says, some people can't, first responders, people who worked at the towers, friends and family will never forget 9/11 and it feels so selfish that the everyday American goes on and on about "never forget, never forget!".

  2. So…. They force you to take a SHOT because they care….
    But REFUSED to give health care to the people who help clean up. WOW! JUST WOW! Beware of your so called Government people.

  3. I'll never forget watching it happen on live TV as a kid thinking it was a movie until I heard my gran and uncle screaming at the TV. I was like 4 playing with my Jurassic park toys.

  4. The US government eventually betrays every citizen, ally, accomplice, and even assistants to it. From Native Americans to Veterans, to teachers, to civialians in peril, to translators, the US government will reward your good service with a profound silence as you die.

  5. As a Veteran and also a First responder I have and do hold plain actors in some contempt. They use their position and wealth as if it were a mandate from God that their opinion was so important. Yet they never had the integrity or calling to put themselves at risk for others, especially strangers. Those actors who were / are Vets and those like Mr Buscemi are a far different breed, they "have skin in the game". Please Sir continue the effort, those Brother Fire Fighters of yours deserve it.

  6. Shame no one in the FDNY or NYEMA thought to enforce safety and health protocols and make mask or respirator usage mandatory. Would have saved hundreds of responders who worked the area breathing in the dust contaminated with everything for weeks.

  7. The health care should b paid by the government for all the 9/11 first responders
    Like all military veterans. Should be able to b treated @ any hospital. Not just the shithole VA Hospital!

  8. Very well said ‘crazy eyes’. I live in Australia and never knew that the sick first responders were fighting the govt for help. That is truly disturbing. Thankyou for your time.

  9. Thank you so much for your service. You didn't have to but you went there to help your Company and to serve your fellow man. There will always be people who run in while others run away. Thank you very much for that. That day is different for so many. I spent my day waiting to hear from my sister who worked in one of the towers. She ended up being g safe due to a missed train but her co-workers were not so lucky. As a paramedic and trained squad truck member, I was put on alert as possibly needing to go to the Pentagon that day. We went to the Virginia border and we waited for our orders. We didn't end up going but I would have gladly served my fellow man. I will never forget the full range of emotions that went through that day. I prayed for the first responders who were called to duty.

  10. The people have the power to change these things but they don't care. The decent are a minority & scoffed at. If it had anything to do with race, gender, or the poor immigrant's, people would be climbing over each other to fight for the cause so they can post on social media what a brave & wonderful person they are.

  11. I'm deeply surprised they had to fight for that essential life support. I'm British and I would have sent money for them. God bless to them, pure heroes x

  12. I was 4 years old when 9/11 happened. I don't remember it perfectly — but I can still hear m mom saying "Oh My God" and I can still see the explosion coming out of the tower.

    Its one of my first memories, and something I will never forget.

  13. When politicians said "Never Forget", they wanted you to never forget the anger and grief you felt that day so they could use it as justification for endless wars in the middle east for resources.

    They didn't want you to "never forget" all good and humanity that was also on display that day. It's a sad world we live in.

  14. I was a 6 year old living in Vermont when the towers fell. I don't remember anything from that day because it did not affect me in the same way it may have 6 year olds in New York State and Washington D.C.

  15. Buckets and buckets filled with weapons grade thermite dust were carted off so that no investigation (actually, there was no investigation) could prove there were explosives used to bring down all three towers. Yes, three, WTC 1, 2, & 7.

  16. What did they expect from the US healthcare system? It is sad to see how naivly they believed in the US system. But I must also admit that the level of greed there surprises even me sometimes.

  17. American Government treats it's heroes like garbage. There's always a fight, always a struggle to get those who fought, served and battled that need help, the proper care they deserve. I have so much respect for Steve Buscemi for helping to bring these struggles to light.

  18. I think that one of the sadder aspects of the whole 9/11 incident is the fact that the first responders were left out to dry – the idea that they were just "doing their jobs" became a way to dismiss their ongoing physical/mental health issues. The fact that people like Steve Buscemi needed to make a statement on the loss of people he knew and actual cited the work of Jon Stewart to get first responders both recognition and financial compensation to help in their medical care says so much about the way the USA government views its people.

  19. Someday i'm going to be a film writer and director and one of my biggest dreams is to make a film about his life. Steve is such a huge inspiration to me

  20. What a good guy, all of those first responders knowing that they would suffer still went in there and were genuinely heroic. It's a stain on America that they were not treated better after they went into harm's way on one of the darkest days in the history of the country.

  21. Did that first responders bill ever get passed? I know there was one (former?) firefighter who was campaigning for it to be passed along with Jon Stewart. I think he was sick and I know he died but I never found out if that bill got passed or not.

    Those guys and their families deserve every bit of care. If they're not getting anything – that's a massive fucking shame on this country.

  22. What a genuine human being, down to earth and REAL probably the most important thing is to be real about things right now because the media and the government certainly don't want to tell you anything truthful! I don't think anyone could have put that better that Steve did there..


    “Oh, if it was Revelation, it would be obvious. People would be suffering and dying all over the world.”

    Ummm…Covid-19? 🦠
    Ummm…Global 🌎 Electronic⚡️Harassment phenomenon? (aka Havana Syndrome!)


    IT’S REVELATION 6:15-17!!!!

  24. Life can be so painfully cruel by the actions of others, yet in all that darkness MAN steps up and shows the LOVE for GOD and mankind…. WAR is Death of humanity.. lest we forget

  25. I was doing training for a NATO deployment to Kosovo when 9/11 happened. I remember all of us sitting in a huge tent sweating our minds out in the summer of Louisiana. Someone had brought a TV with rabbit ears and was able to pick up local channels. I heard other soldiers in my unit start talking about this crazy movie trailer and how realistic the special effects looked. It took us all a few moments to start to truly realize this wasn't a movie trailer. We just couldn't believe what we were seeing.

  26. It took First Responders 5 seconds to respond to the first plane hitting the World Trade Center.
    5 seconds
    It took the government 18 years to respond whether or not to extend their medical coverage.

  27. Fucking embarrassing and sick that the government treats its own people like this, and then we are expected to pay taxes and have them dig their way into our paychecks as well.

  28. One day I was driving home, when all the sudden the Lord came to me in spirit. I felt very close to Him. I knew if I asked him to play any song on the radio he would. So I said "ok, Lord play "Come as you are by Nirvana".  I turned on my radio, turned up the volume, and the song started playing right there on the spot, perfectly. I started getting flooded on the inside with chills, like a waterfall.  He stayed with me 'til I got outta the car. Had me cryin like a little kid. It was Jesus 100%. He was perfectly good.

  29. What a class act. A lot of rich celebs, movie studios won’t even say a word but here is a guy who went in and did something, even though the government betrayed them

  30. What an amazing man.

    He didnt have to do that. He had left and was making it as an actor. But still on that day he came back to help, i guess its one of those things that once youre something like a fire fighter, you'll always be one.

    Hes a hero, better than superman, batman or the flash, a real life super hero.

    Much love.

  31. Thank God for the people fighting for us. Steve and I went to 55 Engine together out of probie school. Steve was a great guy who would at company dinner dances go up on stage and mimic the old timers in the FH. He was beyond hilarious. Someone had to know that his stand-up was going to make him famous. He was that good. We would not let him get off stage..Just foolishly funny. I ran into Steve during the Trade center disaster the first week. God Bless America…… Ps …. thank you for working to keep funding going. We appreciate it.


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