Stephen A. pinpoints the ONE THING wrong with Anthony Davis 🤔 | First Take

The First Take crew take a look at LeBron James and Anthony Davis’ year with the Los Angeles Lakers and what the outlook is like for next season.

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Comment (637)

  1. If AD is healthy and LeBron can still play like a top 15 player, play AD at PF and Dwight Howard as Center, some shooters who are at least average defenders, the Lakers can win. Russell Westbrook has to go. Do not trade Monk or Reaves. Because as great as LeBron is, he can't keep it up forever. The Lakers need to plan for a future after LeBron. I think in 2 years, he will still be an elite level bench player.

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  3. I was done listening to Stephen A. but I have to admit I was wrong because no one can be right all the time. Stephen is a certified sports commentator despite all the criticisms. Senegal, West Africa

  4. Trading A.D will be a stupidity because no team in the nba is going to give there asset for degrading trade value of A.D. Best thing will be to run it back with 2 core pieces (Lebron & A.D). And getting good wing defenders from the G league and few roster changes players who play hard.

  5. The one thing that is unpredictable or predictable is AD. Predictable that he will be injured. Unpredictable that he will play at the top of his game after recovery from injuries. AD's problem is his legs. The upper body is very strong. He has good hands and coordination however all of that is compromised because of the weakness in his legs. When he is out of balance, his shooting is affected. When he jumps, we don't know whether he will land OK or in pain. If I were to train this athlete, I will ask him to wear leg weights. And here is the key, I will fix his landing problem by training him on the hurdles.

  6. AD had 3 good weeks in the Disneyland bubble league playing in an empty gym, and now he's on the top 75 player list🤩🤩🤩🤩 Outside those 3 weeks, his career has been a disappointment or in street clothes.

  7. He's right and wrong. It's about being conditioned and having enough fundamentals to dominate at 70-80 percent effort. Take that stupid cliche' you hear about 110% out of your head. 100% is the most you can give. But you can't do that all season long. the greats learn to play at 80%. They have the training and fundamentals to get theirs without trying as hard as they possibly can. When they try as hard as they can? That's the end of a season great plays, its why the level escalates in the playoffs. AD never learned how to slow down and be great at 80%. He relies on athleticism over footwork, he skies when a bank shot would suffice, and he tries to get over people instead of boxing out. Then, BIG surprise he gets injured! If he just did those other things he would stop putting himself in these positions to get hurt. I constantly cringe watching him jump into a crowd with 6 feet to step on when he could have just made a fake turned, and hit a nice bank shot. He just uses his athleticism to make up for his lack of fundamentals and that's why he is always hurt.

  8. They need to start talking people who ACTUALLY play more. It seems almost all the segments involve coverage of players who are injured, which takes away from the great players who are actually on the court doing great things.

  9. Shown that you can? You showed you only can if you get a three month mid season rest before the playoffs. Other than that you usually miss half the season.

  10. Man, street clothes is everything wrong with that frigging franchise. He is a good dude. Barkley has said that. The reason he calls him street clothes because he IS always injured. He lets his team down. Period

  11. At this point he’s just injury prone there hasn’t been a full seasons he’s played in a while now so questions and worries should definitely be in mind he’s a great player when healthy tho AD is a beast just got to be more durable if he isn’t then there’s no title chances for

  12. I just don’t feel like AD works on his body enough his 28 and made out of paper it’s scary wen he’s on the court he’s one crossover from another injury think he needs to take care of himself more

  13. If you want to compete at a championship the most important thing is health. The difference between Lebron in Miami or his 2nd run Cleveland they didn’t have many injuries. Nowadays where almost every team has 2 or 3 guys that can get 30 consistently? AD has to be more available his performance in the past 2 seasons? Almost looks like bubble AD never happened . Hopefully he invests more in his durability this off season

  14. I thought AD's body is just not made for basketball. I thought the same about Embiid but he proved me wrong! So maybe he need to learn from that, freak incidents can happen, but its like it always happens to AD.

  15. Smith guarantees that the Lakers would have made the play in game had Davis played more this season. Calls him a superstar. I disagree. Former superstar is more appropriate.

    A true superstar is either one of the top three wings, PG's, or bigs. Is AD even in the discussion for top three bigs? When healthy, has he dominated games in the way that Joker, Embiid, or Greek Freak has dominated games? The answer is no. He hasn't taken over many games since coming to the Lakers and he's not even comparable to those three players.

    Smith is making nice calling him a superstar. He's at best an All star on the level of Adebayo or Siakum. But he isn't a superstar. Even Smith says that had AD been healthy, he knows they would be a low level playoff team. If you take Greek Freak, Joker, or Embiid and pair them with this year's Lebron (hats off to Lebron this year), that team would be a threat. In contrast, Steve Smith thinks AD could have taken Lebron to the holy grail: The Play In Game.

  16. LeBum Blames had every chance to make it into the play in but emasculated grown men in sports media choose to defend him and make the reason sound complicated on why they underachieved.

  17. Lebron and AD only played 22 games together this year, but they were only 11-11 in those games. Just 0.500 so even fully healthy if AD and Lebron each plays 75+ games they're probably still only a 500 team

  18. Stephen is literally getting worse and worse. It's not that he's just hurt HIS GAME HAA REGRESSED! his jumper, free throwshooter, ability to dominate, he doesn't have that drive and passion to be great. I can go on. Being injured is simply the icing on the cake

  19. Start with wearing shoes that come up over your ankles! Your body is highly sensitive and you need to protect at all cost. Workout watch your diet etc you're body is failing you

  20. The league has gotten better and younger, teams aren’t scared of the Lakers. It’s new teams coming every year it’s gonna be that much harder next year Lakers reign is near its end

  21. PERK look at the stats everyone in the top 5 scoring is in the playoffs Labron scored empty points they didn't translate to winning Monk dropped a 40 piece their professional basketball players Perk STOP PLAYING

  22. I'm a black man from the UK so I'm asking anyone who has the answer to this question sincerely. Do the hosts of shows relating to the NHL or MLB critique white men to the same degree these types of shows critique black men, for whatever reason?

  23. shits kinda ridiculous though they brought in 0 shooters and now act like they dont know why it didnt work if you know anthony davis is injury prone give him options to kick out too

  24. As good as Anthony Davis can be. Giannis and a 38 year old LBJ are two very significant factors. AD has to hit the gym. I mean Giannis should absolutely be an inspiration for the man and he's got LBJ as well. Russ's intensity should make him focus harder. Come on AD. You can do it.
    If AD doesn't pick it up in the next 2 seasons, it's going to be hard to see the Lakers retain him. AD has to be more consistent. Giannis should be an inspiration. Players need that intensity. Be it Giannis or Kawhi. All NBA players are pros and none should say one's not good enough.
    Come on AD. 👌☝


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