Stephen A. on the 76ers vs. Raptors series: We are going to learn A LOT about James Harden 👀

Stephen A. Smith, Mike Greenberg, Jalen Rose and Michael Wilbon preview the Philadelphia 76ers’ first-round playoff matchup against the Toronto Raptors.

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  1. Imagine if Kawhi Leonard was in Toronto still and made Embiid cry again tho,But all seriousness that Harden gotta do something and he should average 29ppg in this series also.

  2. SAS keep saying Daryl Morey's rep will be on the line. I just don't see it. Nobody in philly gonna be yelling at Daryl for trading for Harden and getting rid of Ben Simmons.

  3. I am a Sixers fan and I will keep saying this, ever since my team got James Harden folks have been talking negative, yo we don't give a d*mn about old stuff, yeah Embiid and Harden needs to step up, and Doc Rivers. The media and folks in this world love living in the past. The RAPTORS are not beating us. I don't care about the season series 3-1 , watch folks will be bandwagoning on the Sixers.

  4. I like how Jalen Rose actually talked about the raptors. Its supposed to be a "preview" of the series, yet all anyone talks about is harden & Embiid 🤷‍♂️

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  6. Everyone is betting on the Raptors because they have less pressure on them and Harden hasn’t been playing well in their last few games. But I believe Harden and Embiid are motivated in getting this thing done. At the end of the day, experience beats youth in the play-offs. Keep that same energy Sixers haters.

  7. This game could go to game 7 if James Harden doesn't show up. I know Embid will show up. Remember Russ and Harden went game 7 against an only Chris Paul OKC Thunders.

  8. I guess doc rivers stole somebody's white privilege card. They don't put any blame on him for how his players perform. Unless they win and then he gets all the credit. But hes such a horrible coach They probably won't

  9. Morey screw up. Why 👉 He refused to get rid of Simmons for Haliburton, Heild and two first round picks without losing Curry, Drummond and two first round picks to a WC non-contender. 👉 Secondly 76ers forced to fund Harden’s retirement “tour dates” for the next five years (age 33-37) at $50-61M per year with cap constraints 🤣

  10. Let Embiid to be the main guy and Harden to be the passer. It will be an exciting series and I personally want it to go down to Game 7. This will be a chess match between Nurse and Rivers. Just do not let Embiid and Harden choke again 😅

  11. Respect to J.Rose for mentioning the OTHER team in the 4 vs 5 matchup ✊ ….should be a tough series both ways, Raps have no pressure according to espn at the start of season they shouldn't even be here 🤷‍♂️ …raps in 7 ✊

  12. Nope. These guys just trying to hype up the playoffs. It’s going to be a walk in the park for the sixers and they will face the suns in the Finals.

  13. I predict this series will go 6 or 7 games. The Sixers may have more talent, but the Raptors have the personnel, the depth, and more importantly, the coaching to upset them. Nobody be surprised if Toronto pulls this one out, especially with Thybulle possibly missing half of the series because he's not allowed in Canada.

  14. The reality of the situation you guys talk about too much about Harden the yesterday superstar. Scotty will have more impact in this series than aging Harden

  15. Clearly Harden's game is declining. But his inconsistency, inefficiency and stagnant play is hurting Maxey and Harris. They shouldn't beat Toronto.

  16. Poor james harden getting bullied by the anchors and analyst, on the other side you let ben simmon off the hook and only talk sweet about him when he himself doesnt want to play for 10 months.

  17. James Harden is never gonna win a championship. His days are numbered and his best chances were with the Nets. I don't think he cares about getting a ring anymore.

  18. LOL … how typical. “James Harden is the key to this series!” “Tyrese Maxie is the key to this series!” Thank gawd the one person who talks up the Raptors on occasion gives them some credit.

    PS Yes, Embid averaged 30 with 52% shooting. Against Toronto? 19 and 36% shooting. They’re in his head, and always have been.

  19. Go on ESPN… keep sleeping on the Raptors. Keep focusing on Harden like he's the main story. Raptors gonna be waitin' outside for the Sixers.

  20. I think the Sixers is really dependent on Harden. Embiid will get his numbers, but can you really count on Maxey and Harris to be consistently great in a 7 game series. At this point it’s all on harden and with they way he’s played recently and given his playoff history, I don’t think they can beat the Raptors.

  21. Honestly if Philly wins this series and harden plays really well they may win it all because this is probably going to be his toughest matchup. Raps have waves of dudes they can throw at him and make life very difficult for harden even at the best of times for him. Should be a very close series.

  22. It feels like the sixers are the underdogs according to people in the comments. I'm a sixers fan and I hope and think they'll win but it would be tough

  23. This series is going to be determined by the refs. Plain and simple. Will they allow the raptors to be physical and handsy? If so raptors have a shot to win in 6. If not, this is going to be a quick series.

  24. How can anyone expect James Harden to show up this playoffs. He has about a10 year track record of disappearing in the playoffs when it really counts. What makes this year any different?

  25. Players such as Harden and Russ are a liability for those teams who want to win championships. If these guys aim at 24 ppg, they'll always score between 20 and 28 no matter what, but then you look at the other stats and you realize their FG% fluctuates like crazy. If they're not getting buckets, they'll just keep shooting until they get those points. You need guys who can handle bad nights and who can keep their focus on their team's success rather than their own individual numbers.


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