Stephen A. laughs throughout Michael Irvin’s argument on the Cowboys 🤣 | First Take

Stephen A. Smith and Michael Irvin debate on whether the Dallas Cowboys are among the NFC elites.

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Comment (154)

  1. Irvin looks more and more delusional/obsessed with every segment on the Cowboys. Talk about brand loyalty he really is a blind brand ambassadore. To the point I can't take his opinions seriously anymore cause he sounds like an obsessed fan more than anything.

  2. Breh, Molly hot af but Jerry jones slipping her a check for sure. She catch mad feeling over when Steve a smith trash talks Dallas. She a giants fan. Makes no sense except she getting a bad or jalen is a cowboy fan. Do the math

  3. That dang Steven A Smith. I can't stand him talking about my team. When we Win he gives us bad mouth Lose he give us more bad mouth can't win at all with this guy🙃

  4. Funny how very few media types or fans in general ever mentioned Tua missing 2 top receivers all year in Miami and he is basically a ROOKIE! Yet it comes up all the time for Dak. Crazy how folks view what different QB's need to succeed.

  5. 😂stephen do be doin that though,he brag on how we in trouble before we play the team but soon as Dallas beat em he double back and say the team they played wasn’t nothing😂,,first off it’s any given Sunday,secondly,everybody in the league get paid to play ball so they can’t be too sorry if they done made a roster,even lions done had a lot of close ones,but win or lose bro gone find a way to discredit them boys 💪🏽💪🏽😂


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