Stephen A. doesn’t think the Chiefs are the team to beat in the AFC | First Take

Michael Irvin and Stephen A. Smith debate on whether the Kansas City Chiefs or the New England Patriots are the team to beat in the AFC.

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Comment (219)

  1. The Chiefs, with their putrid defence? A couple good games doesn't make a team suddenly best in conference (as proven by the Bills, Titans, Cowboys in the NFC)

  2. SAS is spot on… KC gave Dallas every chance to get back in the game… Dallas just couldn't capitalize. To me Dallas coaching cost them the game. They got away from what makes them good. Ran the ball 16 times threw 48 times.

  3. Out of all of the top teams in the AFC, the one the gets disrespected the most is easily the Baltimore Ravens. Yes I get that they have injuries and defensive issues but this is a team that is built to play in December over the years and it has shown. If you got a problem comes see me Sunday Night at the Bank.

  4. These couple of weeks just proved to me how useless it is to crown someone anything, it's silly, NFL media is a bunch of recency bias, truth now is not later just won't watch this anymore

  5. Bro i really can't understand why those guys overrating the Patriots. Ok y'all gonna say ima Chiefs fan thats why you im saying it. No. Lets analyze this case as a regular NFL fan. Look at the teams the Patriots have beaten so far. Jets;Texans;Falcons;Browns; Chargers. Bro 3 of them are trash,browns are okish,ok Chargers are good team but it's still not enough to clarify that the Patriots are the team to beat in AFC. Next two games are vs Titans and Bills. If they come out with 2-0, i will take Patriots as a legitimate contender. Chiefs had already beaten the 2 guaranteed contenders, i mean,Packers and Cowboys,i don't care what anybody says about some absences the Packers had couple of weeks ago. Cowboys are really and really great team,but they came up short vs the Chiefs. Why? Because Chiefs have stepped up. Thats why im taking my team. It might be a long take but these are important takes for me

  6. Stephen A goes back and forth with his horrendous takes. A week ago he was saying how the Chiefs is one of the most dangerous teams in the AFC and that he trust Mahomes to go further in the playoffs then all the other AFC teams.

    Clownery 🤡

  7. Sooooo……let me get this straight, Steven A. Smith is saying the Pats are the number 1 team in the AFC? Am i drunk? Is he high? Is this real life? Horrible take unless youre a Pats fan

  8. If the Cowboys didn't sabotage themselves and wilt in the moment, then I would give KC more credit, but the Cowboys lost that game, KC didn't win it. KC scored 19 pts. Yes KC's defense has improved, but they are not anywhere near elite. When considering quality teams where KC faced starting QBs and both Mahomes and the defense actually played well, you could argue that the only impressive win they have this entire season is against the Raiders.

  9. Lamar will be a joke and no show in the playoffs yet again so Chiefs vs. Patriots for the AFC championship. Whoever wins that game will beat anyone coming out of the NFC in the Super Bowl.


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