Stephen A. and Max debate if Rockets are as good as Warriors | First Take | ESPN

First Take’s Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman debate if the Houston Rockets are as good as the Golden State Warriors.

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Comment (1,337)

  1. Sas shut the fuck up..plz they look great no matter who they play and they beat everyone period.. Let the playoffs start already!! Rockets are taking it this year!! 🚀 🚀 🚀 👑 champions 2018

  2. Warriors hater here(coz of obvious reasons). This argument is a joke. 7 game series , no one beats warriors unless 1 of their superstars is injured.
    Their only competition is lebron James and I don't mean Cavs.
    Wherever LBJ goes that team is the biggest threat to warrior for next 4-5 years at least

  3. but play off is different ,,this is just like d antonie suns.. they pretty good in season but when it comes to playoff thre play different..

  4. Bruhhhhh, after the Bay gets to go to three championships, for the first time I am afraid about the rockets. I was confident since 2013 about the Warriors and since we have been doing good since then, rockets are really lethal now because of who they are picking up lately. But no matter what, we will win championships multiple times in the next 50 years. Just saying.

  5. if the warriors play 4 out like rockets they won't compete just have curry in the pnr and klay dray kd out on the perimeter they won't be as good as warriors

  6. All I know is Harden has traditionally not played well in the playoffs and CP3 is hit or miss with both his performance in the playoffs and his health.

  7. bro stop saying the rockets are gonna win, they mostly live and die by the 3 or go iso with CP3 and Haden, you really think if warriors play defense like they did against OKC, houston is gonna shoot all those threes?

  8. Please give me a break.. Isolation basketball can't beat the Warriors.. Harden & CP3 get the ball and everybody is basically spectators.. No movement.. You can't beat GS like that.. As a Warriors fan, I wanna play them and see them getting smoked by GS.. Curry is Rockets' kryptonite y'all.. Check his resume

  9. I have said it before and I will say it again…for everyone who thinks Houston or okc will beat GSW come playoff time should they meet….cp3, harden, melo, George, and westbitch all have a history of not getting the job done when it matters most.

  10. Stephen A. keeps bringing up the point that Golden State has "4 Allstars" as if the Rockets don't have 4 players, themselves, who are good enough to be Allstars….. I personally think that the Rockets DO have 4 players on their team who are good enough to be Allstars. Just because they weren't picked, that does not mean that these players do not have the abilities of an Allstar…

  11. Capela vs Pachulia, clint every single fking time. if harden cant drive for whatever reason hes kicking out for a 3 or P&Ring with Capela. Rockets and harden have has 3 years to study this golden state and this is the year of the rockets.

  12. Pace slows down in the playoffs. It just does. That's why GSW got KD, he is the go-to in the final 5, unless Klay or Steph is hot.
    I'll take KD over Harden in the clutch postseason.

  13. I don't think the Rockets are better. I will say the Rockets have a CHANCE to beat them. The Warriors are technically better though. Curry, Durant, Klay, Green > Harden, CP3, Capela, Gordon. The Warriors have more depth too.

  14. Golden state warriors will swept the Houston rockets…. Don't underestimate the Warriors… The golden state warriors are no pressure… GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS IS FIREPOWER……AND KILLER INSTICT HIGH MENTALITY IN PLAYOFFS TIME AND NBA FINALSS……..

  15. Rockets offense can match or even better Warriors…. but their defense nowhere near Warriors and that will be the difference in the series… I predict 4-2 warriors.

  16. Stephen A is the one and only real analysis that can read correctly the game of today,the warriors are far more loaded and can beat any team on their way

  17. Well seven players scores double digits against the Thunder so for the first time, i disagree with SAS, Harden and CP3 showed they can create shots for the whole team, not just themselves

  18. rockets run high pick n roll 24/7 with harden/cp3 all the time. its drive/shoot, or pass to baseline capela/corner shooters. eventually will get shutdown in the playoffs

  19. Stephen A is a H-town hater. Harden hasnt heated up yet and they killing by 20 pts easy. And for all yall haters who say Harden has no d ha has lock down on d when it matters game 5. Lol 20 percent? He just said thunder beat rockets twice in reg season but he said reg season wins over gsw dont matter.


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