Stefon Diggs BEATS Jalen Ramsey for LONG TD


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Comment (842)

  1. This just shows how overrated Jalen Ramsey is. He's nowhere near as good as Darrell Green, Champ Bailey, or Darrelle Revis were in their primes. The only thing Ramsey is good at is talking trash. Trashtalking doesn't impress me. Like Brady said to Mike Mitchell, "Well done is better than well said."

  2. Four hours ago – "Congratulations to the SB champions LA Rams. Here's your banner!"
    Four hours later – "Okay LA bandwagon fans. Give your team some time." Yada-yada-excuse machine set at eleven.

  3. And to all the analyst that said they had the rams winning, H*ll that said this game was going to be entertaining 🤣 🤣 🤣
    Mr. And Mrs. know it alls 🤣😂😂😂

  4. If that was ¼'s coverage, then Ramsey was supposed to be behind the WR, not settling for a flat/out coverage. Looks to me that it was Two Deep Safety's and Ramsey's side Safety shaded to the intermediate WR at the hash.
    Diggs is one of the best WR in the league. Why would the defense slough off coverage from him? /rhet

  5. He said "not a handful of QB's that can flick it like that". Bruh 50 yards out +…. well thank GOD my QB is in that handful that can flick it like that. LETS GO BOLTS ⚡️⚡️⚡️
    My Boi Justin Sherbet is goin to be sweet with my Chargers this yr.

  6. In all fairness to ramsey on this play. He shouldn' t have even had to cover diggs in the coverage the rams were running. Diggs was supposed to be handed off to the safety and ramsey would go back to covering the flats. If he was playing man or a deep zone coverage and got burnt like that then thats when theres a problem

  7. Literally right before this play I literally told my dad I need Allen to throw for 48 more yards 💀💀💀 and a funny part about that. my dad had Allen not putting up that many yards tonight 😂😂😂

  8. Blown coverage. On the broadcast replay, don't want Ramsey was looking at but he eyes were in the backfield the whole time. But yeah, Diggs also had that TD on him with the in earlier too.

  9. Ramsey straight garbage like he has been his entire career. Sure, he can shut down scrub WRs easy but when he goes up against a top 10 WR he gets burnt every time. Garbage scrub.

  10. Those refs running over there and putting their hands on people smh. Part of me wishes these refs would get treated like the ones down in Brazil one good time and see if they ever try that 💩 again.

  11. zero idea what Ramsey was doing on that play… after 15 yards he just stopped [yes, he probably expected help, but do the Rams really tend to give their shut down guy "help"?]

  12. I’ve been saying it for ever ramsey is trash overrated I have a video exposing the bum if u say Ramsey is the best ur on the baby wagon trend it’s weird how it’s a whole string of big name wrs putting up big numbers against the rams because he barely covers them when he does for a few snaps in the game he gets walked on when he used to travel he got walked on 2020 ramsey was elite though but rest of his seasons when he traveled he sucked like 2018 he allowed 946 yards u people overrated him he made the pro bowl rn last season and this season he stopped traveling because he’s not confident in his skills

  13. This is exactly why i cant take Ramsey seriously he wanna do all that trash talking then when his ass gets cooked he wanna get all butt hurt dudes a fucking clown.😂🤡

  14. I swear people are so stupid. Ramsey clearly wasn't running with him nor was he in a man coverage with him. People either don't paying attention or too stupid to know what's going on


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