Station Commander Shares Science with Students

Aboard the International Space Station, Expedition 35 Commander Chris Hadfield of the Canadian Space Agency fielded questions about life and research on the orbital laboratory during an in-flight educational event April 16 with students gathered at Lockview High School in Fall River, Nova Scotia. Hadfield, who is the first Canadian to command the station, is scheduled to return to Earth in mid-May after a five-month mission

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  1. someone give this man a lav mic.

    PS. but seriously can't like this video enough. Amazing event and amazing people. Hope in humanity restored 😉

  2. I never understand this . he says Sun is 96 000 000 miles away but the Moon is 400 000 km away . So much for SI standards

  3. I was waiting for someone to ask what would happen if someone farted really hard in space. Aside from the danger of shitting his underwear, would it propel the person forward?

  4. Why didn't they just use the washcloth puck and add paddles to it to play the game Adam and Jamie wanted to play?. Seems like a balanced object.

  5. Wow, just wow, actual people in space, this is like science fiction but better. Water droplets flying everywhere with all that delicate electronics, priceless.

  6. Do you guys believe in Chris Angel too? Cuz you saw it on tv and it looks real? Even at a live event its definitely real right? No trickery involved lol

  7. Google "Aerosols in Contrails". It isn't a conspiracy. They tell us they are trying to cool the Earth. Unfortunately, due to their secrecy, we don't really know why they are spraying chemicals in the sky.

  8. You heard him straight from the commander"" bags do not hold water in space"" you heard it ladies and gentlemen unreputable. Scientifically provable.. trillions upon trillions of dollars. And what do we get?? Bags do not hold water in space??

  9. Great experiment and work perfectly bags don't hold water in space towels will do and so do my hands but you can't put water in a bag

  10. Lord have mercy ! Ain’t no consequences anymore ! Not for rich peoples ! Obviously ! That’s unspeakable ! No point in making any good decisions for rich people their all the same ! Duh ! Just take away their money tho and that’s a game changer ! They won’t survive ! Not a week !

  11. Chris have an amazing charisma,and great way of communicating to the public,we need people like him to unite humanity for a better present and prepare for a prosper future.

  12. What a great man. Only thing, I wish he would've taken the opportunity to explain that "chem trails" are really just water that appears for the same reason why your cold box of coke gets wet on a hot summer day. They look like clouds because that is what they are.


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